ft Xelhua-Online | 30Cap | Low Rates | Job/Ctf/Fw based | New grind area's | ~ Private Sro

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Xelhua-Online | 30Cap | Low Rates | Job/Ctf/Fw based | New grind area's |


One day i came up with sick idea of really low-cap server, such as 20 or 30, more and more idea's were coming in my head , then i decided to form a little team and start the project named "Xelhua-Online" , now after week's and month's im proud to say that its finally done!
Xelhua staff contains mature and serious members that lets their actions talk instead of empty words.

Server is not yet opened , for more information 

 Server opening is planed on 2012-11-15 , but to prevent spam or flamewar's we'd like to warn you , that anything can happen and server grand opening might be scheduled a few days later , however that's just a maybe,exact time will be posted later these days/hours.


•Website : 
Please keep in mind that server is not launched yet , which means that website might have some small glitches , do not vote or donate to/for our server yet , since this function is not working at the current moment.
•Registration :
•Download : (Not working if you're not logged in.)

Download links are not updated yet , when we'r done with everything we planned for our client , it will be uploaded asap and announced in this thread.

Server basic info ▼

Experience : 2x
Party experience : 2,5x
Cap level : 30
Mastery level total : 90
Skill cap : 30
Race(s) : European / Chinese
Drop ratio : 5x
Gold drop ratio : 2x
Sox drop rate possibility : 0%
Alchemy rate : 1x
Job rate : 162x

(Not sure about this one , but at level 30 , for 5stars trade u get 100m+~)
Server features ▼
©Server has huge list of features , to show all of them in a better way, after every listed feature there will be a spoiler with picture in it

Towns enabled : Constantinople,Samarkand.

Jangan is enabled for fortress war purposes , since the only fortress in our server currently is jangan.
Every needed NPC from Jangan is now placed in Constantinople so both race's could get the items they need.
Every needed NPC from Donwhang is now placed in Samarkand so both race's could get the items they need.
Constantinople has jangan fortress tax's , and Samarkand has bandit fortress tax's (We'r planning to open bandit fortress in future if server reaches high amount of players.) 
   Server has couple of new quests , 4 of them would be familiar , they has same structure as lv 95 and 100 ones, you kill monsters , survive and get titles such as Knight(lv25) , Baronet(lv30) , Captain(lv25) , General(lv30), they also changes ur berserker color to blue.
Large,Xlarge And vigor potions disabled from every potion NPC , also lv 95 and 100 berserk potions adjusted to level 25 and 30, both are usable.

Xlarge and large potions also removed from item mall

WINTER event working , you have to kill mobs , collect 6 letters (Its visually bugged for now , show's SUMMER but in top of screen WINTER) , bring them to so-ok and get ur reward (Reward will surely remind u of winter)

Many useful NPC's placed in Constantinople, such as Fortress war clerk , Thief town teleporter and more!

You're able to buy "Seal of moon" items in our special NPC's near storage, they're full blue, with 50~% stats, ofc you have to pay lots of money for them , as gold drop rates are low , you basically do trades to get these som items.

Som weapon = 600m
Som shield = 430m
Som accessory = 250m
Som gear part = 300m

Capture the flag is enabled with changed rewards ,you're getting 1 arena coin (CTF Coin) per kill.

Elixirs are totally removed from monster droplist , from now on you're able to get them just for Arena (CTF) coins , there's 2 NPC's selling different kind of fancy items , first one sell's Santa set , elixirs ,pandora box's and other useful things , second shop is selling seal of sun accessories,to gather some equality in game , we did not put more sun items for any sort of payment values.

Note : Sun accessories cost's 650m gold and 500 CTF Coins.

And this feature would be every party's dream -new grind area's , with really huge spawn-rate, and organized monster's for your fun.
Special grind area [Lv. 1-20]
Special grind area [Lv.21-30]

Just to make your gameplay more enjoyable we've added custom teleports to warp NPC's at Constantinople and Samarkand.
Potions , universal pills and some other stuff from Potion NPC is stackable to 1000.
5Degree items are removed from samarkand NPC's
Santa set was edited and from now on is wear'able for both race's , chinese and european. (If some one didnt know yet , santa set was able to wear for chinese characters only)
Rare item (Sox) drops removed.
Guild versus guild event's (Guildwars , with rewards for top winners)
Top 5 Thieves will get gold reward every week
Guild/Union emblems working
Magic pop disabled (Even visually , npc itself is not anywhere in map/game)
Job penalty removed (You get DC after leaving your job, but right away you login your penalty is gone.)
Increased spawn of Cerberus in special grind area [Lv1-24]
No annoying and uber-new items in item mall that would make the player Over-powered (Such as Premium++,Fellow pets, Angel spirit , Advanced elixir C,D,E and other annoying stuff.)
Just Jangan fortress enabled
Enabled and made new fortress hammer , it requires level 24 + any position / rank in guild
♦ There's hundreds more of nice ,unique and original features that no server had yet , but just to write them all down here would take too much time and space in this thread.

Starter items ▼

Grey wolf (Attack pet)
1000 MP/HP Pots (Medium)
Grab pet (3Days, not trade-able)
Event devil spirit (5% One)
Earth ghost red mask!
You will be getting earth ghost mask's just for first 2 weeks of server opening to revive soul of halloween! (Even if its a little bit too late)

Waiting for suggestions if we should do : ▼
Add new area "Roc room" , adjust unique monster "Roc" to level 30 with its spawn , drop's and everything else.
Change required entrance level of "Job temple" , fit the cave it self to level 30.
Enable upgrading system.
For example you have level 24 seal of moon weapon , if you success to pimp it to required plus (Lets say +9) you can upgrade it to Seal of sun weapon.
Update cap level every 1-2months (10Levels every month for example)

Thats pretty much it for now , please keep in mind that we'r always open for suggestions , 

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