ft ApocalypseOnline/Cap90/Midd Rates/JobBased/FreeSilk/NewUniques/CTF/BT/Silk-Hour ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

ApocalypseOnline/Cap90/Midd Rates/JobBased/FreeSilk/NewUniques/CTF/BT/Silk-Hour

Hello everyone,so today I would like to proudly present you ApocalypseOnline


Server Info
• Race: Chiness,Euro
• Level Cap: 90
• Experience Ratio:150x
• Skill Experience:150x
• Drop Ratio: 150x
• Gold Ratio: 50x
•Chinese: mastery 300
• Job Reward: [Trade5*Profit=150m]
• Botting: Allowed (2Cllients per ip)
• Battle Arena Enabled (So you can get sun acc )
•CTF Enabled (so you can get coins for sun set,gears)

Server Features

• Every Online Hour, 1silk
• Only Jangan Fortress is enabled (2x times on week)
• Disabled Advanced Elixirs
• Working Guild Icons
• Disabled Forgotten World.
• Removed Guild penalties.
• Elixirs, Potions, Stones can be stacked
• Purfication Pill added as skill
• Monster spawn ratio has been increased
• New Wepeons glow for (+8+9)
• Huge Avatar Shop and prem 5% buyable with gold
•Alchemy Ratio : 1.6x
•Sox drop disabled
•Old job suits are added in jewel shop
•New uniques which drop immortal stone 9dg
•Black ress effect removed ,Sleep also removed
•European skills Modification: Bless and Screens - 25 sec

•Start Items

• 60% basic exp scroll
•100 % basic exp scroll
•20 Normal return scrolls
•10 Instant Return scrolls
•10 Globals
•10 Reverse Scrolls
•Grab pet
•100 ,000 sp


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