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You can find here best pvp server that have start items and free silk.

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You can find your best pve server that have free silk and start items that help you to be best player .

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You can find here the best servers that based in job like thief,hunters and trader (Real enjoy).


You can find here the guides and builds to make your character the best in the server and another Guides.

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Special-Sro | Cap 120 | High Rates | D14 | Coin System | New Quest System | Zerk Quest | New Area | New Town | New Mobs | Cons Fortress | New Avatars | New Attack Pets | New Weapons | Lucky Skill Buff

Welcome everyone into the "Special-Sro" . I assure you that you will having a great success time with us
You won't waste your time for nothing . You'll worth to be one of true silkroad players
We ( Special Sro ) 's Team trying with all power we got to rise this server into the top

Viper Sro | Cap 120 | D12 | Free Silk/Hour | Back To The Old | No Bug | No Lag | Special Edits | Daily Events | Coin System | New Avatars | Custom Npc | Battle Arena

Viper Sro is completely free to play.that means there wont be any overpowered players,that also means playing activity will differ from a player to another

Why Viper Sro?
Because you'll find an active community where you can discuss problems or bugs,variety of events and updates

Meretrix-Sro Online | Instant Lvl 110 | Pvp Degree 11 | Coin System | New Avatars | Free Silk | New Pets | New Avatars | Stone Npc | Egy System | Arabia Uniques | Fortress War | Holy Water Temple

Your Way To Fun

Server Features
Game System: PVP Coin System
Without Bugs
1 Million free silk
PK : Disabled

United Silkroad | Cap 130 | New Areas | Start Items | Support System | New Avatars | D16 | Custom Edits | New Uniques | Daily Events | Bone Roc | Free Silk/Hour | Honor Buffs | Fortress War

Server Information
Some Information About Our Server Rates :

Experience rate: 80x
Party experience rate: 120x
Gold drop rate: 40x
Item drop rate: 40x
Lvl cap: 140
Skill cap: 130
Race: CH & EU

Avalon Online | D11 | Cap 110 | New System | Vote 4 Silk | Old Avatars | Stones Npc | Nova Npc | New Uniques | Coin System | Fortress War | Ctf

Server Features
CHN: 320
EU: 220
EXP/SP: 200x
Gold/Drop rate: 150x
Drop Item Rate: 250x
Job reward: 300x
DDoS Protected
Hyper Filter

Dakupra-Online | Instant Lvl 100 | New Avatars | New Quests | New Uniques | New Areas | New Pets | Arabia Coast | Pvp Room | Garden Area | Halloween Event | Honor Buff Scroll | Quest Per Day | New Glows | Alchemy NPC

►Information About Dakupra Online◄
●VSRO Server Files
●Cap 100
●Instant Lvl 100
●Type :- Pvp Server
●Ctf + Arena
●New Quests
●New Avatars
●New Uniques
●New Area
●New Pets
●New Glow's

Dios-Online | Cap 130 | Arabia Update | Free Silk/Hour | Advanced Features | Play2Win | Unique Summon Scrolls | Survival Room | Stone Npc | Old Job System | Coin System | Old School Trading | Holy water Temple

Brace yourselves, Dios is coming back

Many of you know about Dios,
We've kept you waiting for quite a long time to build a server again . However, we are finally able to proudly present you... Dios by a great team with people who collected experience in several other projects before and do not mean to disappoint you.
Now, it is time to show you the gathered experience, the flawless gaming and the undefeated combination of ideas!
Be prepared for our trial of becoming the perfect server for everyone .

Vela Online | Cap 110 | Mid Rates | New Job System | Vote4Silk | Forgotten World | Coin System | Job Shop | Pvp Room | New Party System | New Guild System | Daily Events| Ctf | Battle Arena

What is Vela-Online?

Vela-Online is a server based on TAIWAN Files,Cap 110.

Build by a professional team of developers and a single Owner.

Which was built to take Silkroad to a new level.

Forgotten World System is much more balanced with the new rates.

You can also start a Job as a Thief, Hunter or Trader To Get More Gold & Iron Coins.

Kill Uniques at Water Temple to earn Gold/Iron Coins which will increase with the population,
All these features will keep you playing and it won't get bored after some time.

Vote4Coins, many more..

Leaf Sro | Cap 90 | Low Rates | CH/EU | IP Limit | Start Items | Hard Alchemy Rates | Disabled Features | Jangan Fortress | CTF | Battle Arena | Meet Roc | Old School Server | D9

Leaf SRO is not a customized server, we wanted to keep the server as close to original as possible.
The only special customization we have made is the roc items can be equipped and used by both races at level 90.

This server will not have any "Unique events" or any events like that.
New sort of events will be made, and what sort of events we will make is up to the players to decide.
You will not get free silk when you create your account, you can either donate or earn silk by completing offers.