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Silkroad Private Servers

Avalon Online | D11 | Cap 110 | New System | Vote 4 Silk | Old Avatars | Stones Npc | Nova Npc | New Uniques | Coin System | Fortress War | Ctf

Server Features
CHN: 320
EU: 220
EXP/SP: 200x
Gold/Drop rate: 150x
Drop Item Rate: 250x
Job reward: 300x
DDoS Protected
Hyper Filter

Available Towns

Available fortress war
Constantinople fortress: Enabled
Jangan fortress: Enabled
Hotan fortress: Enabled
Bandit fortress: Enabled


Old Avatars


Nova D11

Egy (A)

New Avatars

Uniques Spot

D1~D9 FB

Arena Coin Drop

Avalon Server Policies
--> Abusing the starting area by power leveling characters.

--> Respect every player. Insulting other players is not allowed, and you might will get banned if the administrators or game masters find it necessary, If a player insults you through PM or general chat the easiest way to avoid him is using the Block Chat function from the community window.

--> English is the main language of the server. You can speak with your friends or globaling in any language you want, but if you talk to someone who doesn't speak your language, always use English or just stay quiet. It's a basic rule for respect each other.

--> Asking GM's for items,individual advantage over others, events or GM/GA positions is totally forbidden and your account might be banned temporally for such an act. Keep in mind that GM's are there for support you and solve your problems, not for make you level up faster nor give you a handicap over other players. We will make a thread when we start looking for GM's and GA's, so don't waste your time asking for it.

--> Abusing of bugs/exploits and not reporting them is punish-able with temporal or even permanent bans of your account.

--> Selling/buying/trading accounts/in-game items/gold is illegal. Any detected sold/traded/bought account/items/gold will result into a permanent ban for both the seller/buyer. If you give away your account data its all your responsibility, we don't restore items stolen by you giving away account information.

--> Multi client is allowed, but we are not giving support about it. You can find multi clients for Avalon on other forums. The IP limit is set to 3 for avoid the abuse of multiclient. Connecting more accounts with a multi client and a proxy is not allowed. Key presser is also allowed.

--> If your account gets hacked, we will not restore items you lost. We have made a guide about how to get a safe password on the FAQ section, do not use the same password you use on other servers, and make sure it is safe. It is your responsibility to keep your account info safe.

--> Using multi clients or any kind of method for connect multiple characters that grants buffs to your playing characters (such as bards or clerics) during massive PvP events such as Fortress War, Battle Arena, etc. will lead to an immediate ban of your account and the accounts used for that purpose. This also includes the arena bots that are used to farm coins, arena is made to be played and not to join to stay AFK, getting free coins.

--> Advertising other pservers is totally forbidden, this also includes just mentioning other servers names, doesn't matter if you are even telling you came from server xx or things like "server xx sucks, fuck server xx"

--> Swearing/cursing a staff member directly or indirectly, accusing/claiming corruption without proof is totally forbidden and most-likely will result into a permanent punishment. This also includes harassing gms by simply trash-talking or constantly spamming after being told not to pm anymore.

--> Impersonating other players/staff is not allowed, this includes having names that are almost the same as others.

--> Insulting in globals is not allowed, because you guys must to respect each other

1) Hacks, exploits , bugs exploits!

Any kind of hack is illegal and ban able.
Any kind of exploit is illegal and ban able.
Any kind of bug exploit is illegal and ban able.

2) Impersonating a Staff Member

Every Staff has a [TAG] in his name.
Trying to copy a Staff name is illegal and ban able.
Pretending to be a Staff is illegal and ban able.

3) Buying items with real money!

It is not allowed to trade items, characters, accounts or anything in-game for real money and anyone found doing this will be banned immediately.

4) Accounts

The only and real owner of any account is the owner of the email registered when the account was made in our Database.
If a player account was hacked, key logged, scammed, etc, the only possible action to recover it is to use our Forgot Password Recovery System.
Your account = Your responsibility.

5) Scamming!

It's not our responsibility for any scamming.Your account, your responsibility.
Team Staff will never ask for account details.
However we will ban the scammer if the details and proofs are enough, but we do not return the items.
Also -> If you bought a wrong item, we are not responsible for it. So, we are not going to refund it (careful when you buy something).

6) Unsuitable language!

Insults and offensive words are not allowed on global chat or during events.
This also include nicknames of characters, guilds.
Note: You can use offensive language, but abusing this privilege is prohibited.

7) Advertising

Advertisement in any kind of way about other servers, scamming sites, key logging sites, etc, is illegal and ban able.

8) Staff PK at Events

Players aren't allowed to PK a Staff Member, and this may result warning
Staff Members aren't allowed to PK normal players, and this may result in suspension or permanent removal of a Staff Member.

9) A. Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, Life Choices, Religion, and Politics

- Anything that promotes, is recognized as, or alludes to symbols of racial, life choice,slurs.
- Anything related to politics.
- Anything related to religion.
Leads you to a permanent ban.

We have all rights to change the rules at any time and apply any type of punishment.

Avalon Staff

Website : Link
Register : Link
Download : Link
Facebook : Link

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