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MixSro | Cap120 | 14 D | Free Sun Weapon | Free Silks | All Avatars Free | Free Sun

Today We Offered Our New Server MixSro

Information about server :

Exp/SP: 600x
Party Exp/SP: 700x
Exp/SP: 400x
Party Exp/SP: 350x
Gold: 500x
Drop: 350x
Job rate: 20
Cap: 120
Mastery Cap: 360
Weapon's D15 EU
Magic Pop rates 80X
Start Item

Weapon's D15 CH

Scroll's uniques Titan

Normal pet

Old Silkroad Items

New Pets

All Devil

Collection pet

All Stone

All Avatars Free

Register : Click here

Full Client
2 Parts

Direct Download : Click here
Direct Link 2*OneClick* : ClickHere

Download Media
LG Coin ?
Get The LG Coin, From normal any uniques
You can buy with it Nova 15DG Weapons Set
& Magic pop you can get Set 13DG Sun
80x rates of magic pop
Free silks, you can buy the magic pop cards via item mall

" Avatars Mall " @ Constantinople .


Team :

Have fun, join us =)

Daily events : Juptier,Uniques
Reward's Global Chatting & Devil spirit A +8

Nightmare | Old School | Like ZSZC | 90 Cap | 10 Silk | Chinese Only | Low Rates | Old Job System | Guild Mercenary

Hello guys, we presend you today >Nightmare-Old School< !!
You have questions ? - Feel free to ask us, also you can find many informations in this thread

• Website:Nightmare - Old School

• FaceBook :Nightmare - Online | Facebook
• Client Upload :

Server Configuration
• Race: CH
• Level Cap: 90
• Skill Cap: 90
• Starting Lv: 1 With 10 silk For Buy 3 days grap pet (5silk one)
• Mastery Level: 300
• EXP Ration: 17x / PT 20x
• Gold Ration: 1x
• DROP Ration: 50x
• Mastery Level: 300
• EXP Ration: 17x / PT 20x
• Gold Ration: 1x
• DROP Ration: 50x
• Sox Ration: 1
• Job: Your choice.
[Trader / Hunter / Thief]

Some Pictures

Old but Gold
Alchemy Window


Your Char informations

Mob shown level
Shop Informations
No rebuy option!

Buy your items till D9

Cape fight will never die!

Pots pots pots

Hm, i don't remember this item :P
All about your job 


Guild Informations
Guild emblem WORK!




Other Informations:
- This Server work WITHOUT any Stallnetwork, you're only able to trade your items with "exchange"-Window.
- Auto Potion isn't able too! Working programm is added to upload.
- We're still working on some things so we're sorry about the offline time sometimes.
- The Server is fresh opened so don't wonder about low community at the moment
- We don't want to change any big things in the functionalty of this server, so if you don't like it, you have to search for another server.
(We'll not take care about add the shop option - We'll not take care about another ability for auto potion - If you have questions you can ask us - We'll not spend much time online as GM, so this Server system don't needs everytime event or big rewards. It's oldschool so play it like these)
ZSZC Tools

Auto potion  
Raise cap to 105 is in progress, but will take time !