ft FreeRoad | PVE | Level 70-80-90-100-110 | NO donations | non profit server | 10silk/1h | new level raise | No Farm | CTF ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

FreeRoad | PVE | Level 70-80-90-100-110 | NO donations | non profit server | 10silk/1h | new level raise | No Farm | CTF

Some players has not enjoyed the game play that was set in the first version.
The new rates has now been set, and will not be changed again.

What is FreeRoad?
FreeRoad is a private server that is completely free, and there are no way to donate for some special items or silks. This is NOT a pay2win server, its a play2win!
Every player get there silks by staying online.

The server is hosted for free, so there are no costs for FreeRoad to be online.
There are only one game master. (To avoid corruption)
And due to this is a non profit server, the GM will not be online making any events.

What does this server got that other don't?
FreeRoad is a improved server of the official silkroad online, no donation, no other special edits that destroy the real SRO game.

Register and download now!
Website: FreeRoad Website
FreeRoad server goes online 2013-02-02 (15:00 GMT+1)


-Starting with 10 Mil SP, no more farming.
-New level up system (Removed normal level system re added)
-Chinese mastery limit is 330 on all levels.
-Level increase after 3 months, starting at level 70 and ends on 110.
-Free silks, Weekdays 10silk/1h (Mon-Thu) Weekend 20silk/1h (Fri-Sun)
-Lvl 70 Bandit FW - Lvl 80 Hotan FW - Lvl 100 Jangan FW
-CTF, TFW, BA, Old Job
-Alchemy/drop rate normal.
-All Quests with exp rewards always gives you 10% at any level at any quest above level 30.
-Normal itemmall prices.
-No corruption, no donation, no overpowerd donators.
-Server hosted in Sweden (same as the owner)

-Exp rate x20
-PT Exp rate x21
-Gold/item rate x10


(Removed normal level system re added)
So what about the "Leveling system"
The new leveling system has been edited, for a more fun gameplay.
level 1-30 goes pretty fast, but the rest of the levels goes alittle slower.
Level 30 to 31 takes about 1000 monsters without EXP helper, and 500 monster with 100% exp helper.
This is the same on all level all the way from 30 up to 110.

And all quests that gives you an EXP reward always gives you 10% at any level.
Even if you are level 100 and is making level 25 quests.


Why hosting a server for free? What are you up to? 
Well simply this is how a server should be FREE, and there is no cost of hosting this server so why should i take money for it?

So if you are interested in this server and make it better and populated, tell your friends to try it out. The only thing you can loose is time and not money!

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