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Ethereal Online | 110 Cap | PVE | Starter Items | FTW | BT | CTF | Web Features | French Promotion | Custom Edits

What is Ethereal Online you may ask?
Ethereal Online is a new private server developed by 2 new networks, Karma & Gaming Box. Karma provides the designs and the hosting, meanwhile the developing is being done by Gaming Box. Together these 2 have come together to build an enjoyable server for everyone. Check out the information below and leave us some feedback!

Ethereal consists of 2 Founders, f0b1c & Mixizi. Both are experienced GM's and owners of networks and servers of SRO and various games.
Many servers always talk about releases new custom content and new things, but that's not always the truth. Here at Ethereal we will be delivering custom content to all our players as much as possible. Custom packages will be released to the community that involve Avatars, pets, and more.

Website: Ethereal Development
Register: //Information to come.
Community: Karma Gaming Network
Download: http://etherealonline.net/Download/E...lient1.271.rar

The server is not publicly online yet, but we would love to get all of you registered and prepared for the release!
The big opening is the 2nd of February at 3H P.M GMT+0. Hope to see you there!
Trailer :

Server Rates

Race: Ch & EU
  • Level Cap: 110
  • Skill Cap: 110
  • Mastery Level: 330
  • Experience Ratio: 30x
  • Experience Ratio Party: 31.5x
  • Skill Experience Ratio: 30x
  • Drop Ratio: 15x
  • Gold Ratio: 10x
  • Botting: Light Bot allowed ( You can bot but you should answer on all your PM, you've a delay for answer (About 30 - 45 Mins )

  • Fortress War: Working
  • *Jangan, Bandit, & Hotan FTW are all working but Jangan will be the only one available for the start of Ethereal. Fight for it!
  • Capture The Flag: Working
  • Forgotten World: Working
  • Battle Arena: Working
  • Fortress Time: Sunday 16:30 GMT +0
  • News Pets
  • News Avatar
  • Stackable Stones & Elixers [50]
  • Ethereal Store
  • Enable Advanced Elixirs. +1 to +2 (Alchemy store)
  • Web Features ( Look at the bottom )

Ethereal Team
  • [GM]Mixizi
  • [GM]f0b1c
  • [GA]Happy
  • [EM]Estrella
  • [EM]Natalia
  • [Helper]Olympus

Here are some screenshots to make you happy.

Starter Items
  • 11 Defence / Attack scroll
  • 1 Rainbow Unicorn
  • 1 Grab pet 28 Days
  • 1000 Hp / Mp Potion
  • 10 Drug of Typoon (100% Speed)
  • 1 Begginer scrool (600% Speed)
  • 11 Instant return scroll
  • 11 Reverse Return Scroll
  • 11 Revival scroll 100%
  • 1 Ethereal Uniform
  • 1 000 000 SP

Ethereal Uniform

Rainbow Unicorn

Screenshots of Shops

The question that many people ask! How exactly do you get the best weapons in the game? We'll, let us explain.

How do I get the best weapons in the game?
Well, It's quite simple. We are not fans of Pay 2 Win servers and therefore give our players different options to help them obtain their weapons.

Option 1 :
Buy the weapon in Magic POP, the simple and faster way. We know quite a few players will be taking this approach which made us make the chances of winning Magic POP extremely hard. Why do we make it extremely hard? Because it will make players want to try the easier and more fun approach. Let's say you manage to win a weapon through Magic POP, your weapon will appear as an Ethereal Rank Weapon with a special glow. These weapons will have the same power as Egyptian B weapons.

Option 2 :
Another option is to get the weapons from the Forgotten World. Yeah, we've made it a bit hard but also fun. Your main purpose is to collect cards.

Step 1:
Collect virgin cards in Holy Temple.

Step 2 :
Onice this virgin card in your ownership ,you just have to collect the number of Plastic, ink, magic powder and paper in the forgotten world.

Step 3 :
Fuse them

Step 4 :
You've your card !

A Rev6 like System.

Introducing our Job Store
Visit Ethereal's Job Store on the website and purchase items using your Job XP! See, we wouldn't leave you out if you can't donate. Suit up in your hunter, thief, or trader outfits and start getting your Job XP! New items will be available to purchase from time to time and some items will remain permanent. Our goal is to get players suited up and into the Job War action. Please note that players must have a certain Job Level before they can even access the Job Store which makes users work for it. We hope everyone will enjoy this and get active jobbing.
Many things have been said but that's not all of it! Many more updates will be on the way regarding new systems and content! Well, we are off to prepare more content! We hope that many of you like what you see and that you become apart of Ethereal's Community! We wish everyone a nice day and hope to see you apart of our community! Feel free to register on our community to contact us or make any suggestions!

In the passage I want to say thanks to my brother B3nc0 who helped me much ~ Mixizi
Ethereal thanks B3nc0 much for his knowledge and support. ~f0b1c

Here are a few more screenshots.

Launcher :
New pets :
Avatar :

"Why make a replica of other servers if you can do better?" ~Mixizi

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  Online user at Ethereal Online : (In real time !!)

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