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You can find here best pvp server that have start items and free silk.

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You can find your best pve server that have free silk and start items that help you to be best player .

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You can find here the best servers that based in job like thief,hunters and trader (Real enjoy).


You can find here the guides and builds to make your character the best in the server and another Guides.

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Chiyo-Amaya server free silk ~ Cap 11DG ~ 11D ~ New Mnxg-Sro Server

Start Items :
Ghost Summon Scroll [Pet]
10m Gold
999999 SP
[10m Silk]
Isro Avtars 40 Avatar Available

Jupiter : Work
FTW : Every Sunday
Magic PoP:Work

Cap: 11DG
Exp: 100x
Exp In Party:200x
Drop: 50x
Gold Drop: 25x
FREE SILKS: 9999999999
No Bugs

The Host:
Processor: i7
RAM: 16 GB
100m bite connection

Register Page: SRO_VT
Client: Silkroad-110.rar.torrent
u can take the client with U torrent And Bit Torrent

Persia sro online cap 120 / Pvp / Instant Lv 120 /Pvp d12 Server/1m Silk / 5b gold

Game Version:Silkroad Ver1.207
Download:Multiupload.nl - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
Recommend: downlaod it by internet download manager is faster


`·.¸¸.·¯`··._.· `·.¸¸.·¯`··._.· `·.¸¸.·¯`··._.· `·.¸¸.·¯`··._.· `·.¸¸.·¯`··._.· `·.¸¸.·¯`··._.· `·.¸¸.·¯`··._.· `·.¸¸.·¯`··._.· `·.¸¸.·¯`··._.· `·.¸¸.·¯`··._.·
-Lvl/Skill Cap:120 ( start lvl 120 )

-Present 10,000,000 skill points
-start game have 1.000.000 silk
- start have 5b gold
- shop have nova item weapon's d12 full blue ( all status 83% )
- free lag no have any bug
- all item mall work with out bug
- event ever day and free gift
-European/Chinese character working with no bugs
- Fortress war work with out bug
- arena event work
- can make devil's spirit plus add damage ( from shop )

New Server Ultra sro cap 120,D13,SKills 120,Nova Sox +5 Start iTems

Hey everyone, it's my pleasure to introduce a new private server called Ultra Sro
Exp Rate : 500x
P.Exp Rate: 550
Sp Rate : 500x
Gold Rate : 25x
Drop Rate : 25x
Magic POP: 3x
Alchemy: 3x
CTF: No(Soon it will work)
Arena: No(Soon it will work)
Fortress: Yes
Mountain: Yes
Jupiter Temple: Yes
Start Items

Note: these Sox +5, Chinese get nova Chinese D11, Europe get nova Europe D11
Fortress War Each Week, Saturday, Tuesday 08:00 PM GMT+2

Website: UltraSro -Best Of The Best!
[CLIENT] Download: Deposit Files
Part 1: JumboFiles.com - Dedicated Hosting
Part 2: JumboFiles.com - Dedicated Hosting
Part 1: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part01.rar
Part 2: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part02.rar
Part 3: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part03.rar
Part 4: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part04.rar
Part 5: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part05.rar
Part 6: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part06.rar
Part 7: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part07.rar
Part 8: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part08.rar

you have to download the full client we can't give you the media only or you will get a lot of crashes so i am done here i hope you Enjoy in the server another thing i am no the owner of this server i am just a normal player

PvpServer | New Open Server | 400x Rates | pvp | 12D Update - all item in NPC

Server Rates:


Dwonload:Multiupload.nl - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

-all Area's Runing
-Battle Arena
-Fortress War (Every Monday Start 8:00 GMT3


[NEW] Reborn Server HIGH Rates lvl 110 Cap vote4silk ~5M~Cap110

Today ima gonna post our newly made server

Atrium gaming Silkroad !

Cap 110 ~ with Reborn System, FreeSilk By voting or by wining events

Daily Events, like ScreenShots, uniques, Escort the gm, Hide&Seek.. and many new events coming up

Once you reach level 110 you can be reborn, that means your level will be reset to level 1, your Str/Int will be reset to 20 and Skill Masterys will be reset to 0. You will keep your Skills and get 5 Extra Stat Points every Rebirth. You can have a max of 6000 Rebirth that makes 30.000 Extra Stat Points!

The Server is still in the beginning, join now and be one of the Legends!

Currently Server Status:

### Server Informationen ###
  • Client Version: 1.188
  • Level Cap: 110
  • Skill: 110
  • Races: CH & EU
  • Mastery: 330 / 220
  • Capacity: 1000

### Server Rates: ###
  • Exp Rate: 150x
  • Party Exp Rate: 160x
  • Gold Drop Rate: 30x
  • Drop Rate: 50x
  • SoX rate: 20x
  • Sox Drop rate:
  • Alchemy Rate: Save to go +7
  • Job EXP Rate: 220x
  • Trade Prices: 20x
  • Magic Stone Drop: 10x
  • Magic Pop Rate: 10x

### Start Items ###
  • - Premium Gold Time (28 days)
  • - 50x Reverse Return Scroll
  • - 1000 HP Recovery potion (X-large)
  • - 1000 MP Recovery potion (X-large)
  • - Storage expansion item
  • - Inventory expansion Item
  • - Berserker Regeneration Potion
  • - 5.000.000 Gold

Atrium Gaming Silkroad

Atrium Silkroad Gaming Forums

Client Download

Atrium Gaming Silkroad Download

ImpactoSRO || Full 12DG-13DG || START ITEMS || No Lagg UpLink 1GB || 24/7 Dedicated Server

*Server Rates
-Based on vSRO Files
-EXP/SP Rate: 200x
-Party EXP/SP Rate: 250x
-Gold Rate: 30x
-Berserker Rate: 3x
-Item Drop Rate: 45x
-SOX Drop Rate: 5x
-Alchemy Rate: 5x
-Job Rate: 10x
-Quest Rewards: 5x
Level Cap: 120
Cap: 120
Mastery Cap: 360
Weapons/Gear Cap: 12D -13D
-Race: China & Europe
-CTF: Yes
-Battle Arena: Yes
-Fortress War: Yes
-Forgotten World: Yes
(Every Sunday at 10:30am GMT-5)
(Register Every Day at 9:00am GMT-5)
-Slots: 1000
-Magic Pop: 2x
-Autopot: Yes



Intel Xeon 8Cores
HD 1000GB
UP Link 1000GB


-Arrows 10000
-Bolts 10000
-All HP Pots 300
-All MP Pots 300
-All Vigors 300
-All Elixirs 1000
-All Universal Pills 1000
-All Elements to 1000
-All Stones to 500
-All Tablets to 500
-Changed MaxStack Trade Job Items to 150


All Uniques in game will now tell when they appear/die.

These Uniques :
-Tiger Girl
-Captain Ivy
-Lord Yarkan
-Demon Shaitan
Titan Uniques > All Whith Knight



-28 day grab pet
-1k arrows
-1k bolts
-11 Reverse Return Scrolls
-11 Global Chats
-10 100% Moving Speed Scrolls
-1 Prem Plus Gold 10%


*Game Regions

China (Open)
Europe (Open)
Taklamakan (Open)
CTF (Open)
Battle Arena (Open)
Roc Mountain (Open)
Quin Tomb Shi (Open)
Bandit Fortress (Open)
Jangan Fortress (Open)
Hotan Fortress (Open)
Forgotten World Togui Village (Open)
Forgotten World Flame Mountain (Open)




*Download Media.pk







RaReSro 120 Cap Free Silk All Items In Npc Fun Server ~ New Pets ~New Special Premiums

Exp Rate : 400x
SP Rate :400x
Drop Rate : 80x
​Job Rate:80x

Site: Europe Sro HighRate Server
Register : Yeni Account

Max Lv : 120
Max Skill : 120
12 Degree Alchemy Working
Magic Pop Working
Fortress War : Every Friday

Features to be added
13 Degree
130 Lv uniques
Unique Scrolls will be in Npc
New Pets
New Special Premiums
130 Uniques dropped devil spirit and more silk items

Start Lv : 120
All 12dg items +5 sun fb in Npc
Start Silk : 500 silk
All Items In Npc (Tablets,Elixir..)
All Characters Spawn in Jangan

Download Links
Full Client :
Part 1 : https://rapidshare.com/#!download|43...7FE4DDB797|0|0
Part 2 : https://rapidshare.com/#!download|43...0D5CCAA395|0|0
Part 3 : https://rapidshare.com/#!download|43...4C62A02E6A|0|0
Part 4 : https://rapidshare.com/#!download|43...216E4240BF|0|0
Part 5 : https://rapidshare.com/#!download|43...7CF7871A3C|0|0
Mirror : https://rapidshare.com/#!download|87...9656534D6C|0|0

Media Link
RapidShare Link : https://rapidshare.com/#!download|98...319F9F483D|0|0
MediaFire Link : Free Cloud Storage - MediaFire

[Classy Silkroad] 80 cap/8Deg/FW/CTF/BA (Only Chinese characters)

Server info:

Server Capacity: 1000
Cap: 80
Skill Mastery: 270
Race: Chinese
İtems: 8 deg

Exp rate: 25x
Party exp rate: 30x
Gold drop rate: 15x
Sox drop rate: 2x
Job Rate: 150

50 lv begginers quest 10 reverse
60lv begginers quest 10 global

FortressWar: working
Capture Flag :working
Battle Arena :working
Guild Amblem:working

Fortress war Register Time: You Can Register when you want
Fortess war Time: Every Saturday 19:30 - 21:00 GMT+2


Version: 1.88 Vsro Files

Start İtems:

Santa Set
Devil Sprit 7 day % 5
Inventory expansion
10 unit Reverse
10 unit speed drug
250 hp 250 mp potion
2x 4100 hp potion
5x Ressurection scrool
3 day grab pet

Download Full Client: Classy_Full_Client.rar - download now for free. File sharing. Software file sharing. Free file hosting. File upload. FileFactory.com

Download Media pk: Multiupload.nl - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Register Page: Design Classy Silkroad 

[Exotic Online]90Cap/Good rates/DreamWorld/Good team/FW/24-7/CHN only.

Exotic Online
  • Rates;
  • EXP/SP: 30x.
  • (P)EXP: 35x.
  • Item: 30x.
  • Gold: 10x.
  • Cap: 90(Skills as well.).

  • Features;
  • Only CHN Area's.
  • 9DG is the last Degree.
  • Fortress war, Capture the Flag and Battle arena, also available.
  • Less experience needed for leveling you're occupation(Job).
  • Lots of events and all kind of events.

Before a lot of children here are going to scream, OH MY GOD THIS IS A SERVER CREATED BY DREAMWORLD. No this server is NOT made by Dreamworld Online. Dreamworld online is only responsible for the hosting of the server,forum and site. Why? Easy, Me and the owner of DWO has been buddies for a while now, and i told him i would love to have my own server but a old-skool one, because in my opinion i HATE the european race. So he made me a deal, if i would give him a cut of the donations he would host my server. Yes DWO Team has some powers in my server, but they always have to ask me before doing something. Hope this clears a lot of things up and may Exotic online become the greatest Old Skool Private Silkroad Online server.


MoonStar 80 Cap OldSchool PvP Server ! [Ecsro Files] FREE 400 SILK

Hi to all,
MoonStar Silkroad Private Server 80 Cap PvP & PvE Dedicated VDS

Register page: Click Here.

Download Client: Click Here to Download

And Chat Room ; Click Here.

NPC's Have Seal Of Moon Item's.(+0)
Unique Spawn 5-10 Mint's


Alchemy Rate 2.5x

Photos; Welcome to Server