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Silkroad Private Servers

Silkademy [Cap120]New Server , Start Items , D12

Hello everybody.

The next 7 days we make a special present for u. When u make a new char u are instant lvl 100 with roc sun set weapon+250 1m sp 10m gold+start items.

Silkademy Online meets TheDarkness,
Full Performance and High Quality server !!

-(NEW) Server: Online

Full Highspeed Download´s:

New cap120 Client

Silkademy meets Darkness:

-Exp/Sp x110
-PartyExp x180
-Drop x25
-Gold x10
-Level Cap 120
-Skill cap 120
-11Degree Items Nova, Egy-a, Egy-b
-12 Degree Items Nova Moon Sun
Dedicated server 24/7

Here The Start Items:

- Carnival Dress+1 (M/F)
- Carnival Hat+1 (M/F)
- Carnival Attachment+1 (M/F)
- Devil Spirit+3 (B) Grade (M/F)
- 20 Reverse Return Scrolls
- 20 Instant Return Scrolls
- 20 100% Resurection Scrolls
- 20 Beserker Scrolls
- 4 Week Silver Time Ticket
- 1000 HP/MP Pots from ItemMall
- 3 Day Grab Pet
- 1.000.000 Gold
- 80k SP


Silkademy meets Darkness

Community Board:



-Race : CH And EU
-Auto Potion: Working
-Magic Pop : Yes
-Alchemy : Yes
-FGW : Yes
-CTF : Yes
-Arena : Yes
-Events : Yes
-Coins : Yes
-Job Cave : Yes
-Fortress : Yes
-Jupiter : Yes
-Pots, Pills, Vigor Stackable 300
-Arrows, Bolts Stackable 3000
Live Support available :

German : Yes
English : Yes
Egypt : Yes

Public Silkademy TeamSpeak server 3 :

Join TS now Click here

TS IP : : Online

Some Unique´s ;-)

Silkademy on sro-servers

Silkademy meets Darkness v 1.193

~Add HP/MP Pots XXLarge 1050 recovery
~Add ArchAngel Dress
~Add Cube 50 to NPC
~Add D12 Lucky Powder to NPC
~Add D12 Nova moon sun to Magic Pop
~Add Devil Spirit (S) Grade maybee +1+2+3+4 to Magic PoP When you Win is it still dead Pls telport to awaken it
~Add Devil Spirit Magicstone to Magic PoP
~Change the Beginner quest item from star to Sun

Silkademy meets Darkness v 1.195

Start Event has begin
~New Chars creat instant lvl 100
~10M Gold, 1M SP
~Full Roc Sun Set +4
~Weapon +250
~6 Final Gender switch for your Roc set
~OFC The Normal StartItems

So Guys I Hope you get enough Information from us ?!
And maybe we see us next ON TS or in game !!

Join us nOw Have Fun Your Silkademy meets Darkness Team !!

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