Silkroad Private Servers

New Private Server ! Legion Online! [PVP] ! instant 100 ! 50m Gold

Server name: Legion Online [PVP]
Level and skill cap: 100 (instant)
Drop Rate 80x
Gold Rate 100x
Slots: 1000
alchemy rate: normal ( because buy sos+5 from npc)
Server uptime: 99%
Race : CH & EU
CTF and Arena working.

Site: Legion Online
download is full client, to prevent crashes.

Starter items:
10,000,000 SP
50,000,000, (50M) Gold
1x 28 Day Devil Spirit + 1x extension gear
1x Premium (28 day)
3 page Inventory


Special glow colors +11 - +15
New Unique Monsters
A lot of Events
Active [GM] and [GA]
SOS +5 items at NPC

Towns active:
Jangan & Donwhang
Small and Large PVP zone's
dw cave, danger zone

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