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Silkroad Private Servers

Bot For Silkroad R And Bot Working For Ex.sroadr.com

This Bot Working For Silkroad R and Sroadr Private Server


How To Use

an account including username and password to login and use SROKing bot.
Modify PW: You can change your password for SROKing here.
This is the launcher of SROKing , the left window shows the latest information and version of SROKing.
Language: Choose your language (Including for launcher and the in-game bot menu),there will have more language to choose In future.
Server: Please choose a faster server due to your net connection.
UserName: Input your username for SROKing here. If you don’t have one, please click “Register” to create your own username. Please don’t confuse this with your SRO game account.
Password: Input your password for your SROKing account.
Register: Click this to create a new SROKing account. You need

1.   Auto Avoid Boss :

you can select which type of monsters want to avoid, like the blue part. while you are avoiding a boss, bot WONT loot, WONT attack the mob which is near the boss.
2. Start Skill : the start skill is a skill that you use first to attack a mob. if the Start Skill is not cool down, SROKing will auto use the skill in the skill box.
3. Imbue Buff : select a imbue buff.
4. Don’t touch other player’s target: SROKing wont attack the mob which is attacked by others.
5. Activate Berserk :
a. auto berserk when available
b. auto berserk when several mobs attacking you
c. auto berserk when mob in specific types attacking you
6. this box is full of the attack skill you have learnt
7. choose skills for the normal situation.
8. choose skills for emergency
a. several mobs attacking you
b. mob in specific types attacking you
9. Auto Switch Weapon
a. auto switch your major weapon when it has no durability. Make sure the spare weapon is put at the 1st slot in your inventory.
b.   Auto switch weapon which is go with the skill you want to use. Make sure the sub-class weapon is put at the 2nd slot in your inventory.

1. Auto sitting
2. Auto HP : if you don’t choose “Prior Use” then SROKing will auto potion from X-large to herb. SROKing won’t use grain if you choose the “no HP back town”.
3. Auto MP : if you don’t choose “Prior Use” then SROKing will auto potion from X-large to herb. SROKing won’t use grain if you choose the “no MP back town”.
4. Auto Vigor : if you don’t choose “Prior Use” then SROKing will auto potion from X-large to herb, and if the potion is out, SROKing will use the vigor grain.
5. Auto Use Universal Pill : auto use universal pills from special small to small.
6. Auto Heal : auto choose the most powerful skill you have learnt to heal yourself.
7.   Blacklist Feature.

a.  the players you want to avoid. You can add them form table c and b.
b.  you can type player’s name at b, then can add it to a
c.  the players SROKing can find nearby.
d.  use it to fuzzy search. E.g. you want add “GabcM”, you may type “G*M”, then it will list all players whose name is begin with “G” and end with “M”
3rd. Buffer

1.  it shows all the buffs you have learnt
2.  the buff need to keep on, e.g. Noise, Moving March & Grass Walk
3.  the buff used only for battle
4th. Loot

  1. use character to loot
  2. loot all the items
  3. loot the items you set as right
  4. if you tick this check box, SROKing will pick up items as soon as the mob dies. If your char is attacked by a mob when picking items, SROKing will attack back after loot.
If you don’t tick it, SROKing will attack back first when your char is attacked then pick up items.
  1. use pet to loot
6.  Loot these first : no matter what happened SROKing will loot these first. Even your char is attacking a mob or sitting, SROKing will pick up the items you set first, then continue attacking or sitting.

1.  Auto town : SROKing will auto town when the situation you choose is activated. (Notice: lack of HP/MP/Arrow/Bolt auto town means if the quantity of HP/MP/Arrow/Bolt is lower than 5, SROKing will auto town)
2.  you can choose how to back town
3.  auto buy : SROKing will auto buying things according to your set. (Notice: )
4.  set what you want sell/store here
5.  auto buy the quantity of HGP for growth pet
6.  keep the quantity of return scrolls you set, SROKing wont deal with the extra return scrolls in your inventory.
7.  auto use reverse return scroll back to training place.
8.  back to training place by horse.
9.  SROKing will stop botting when your exp is droped X%. (“X” is set by you)
10. SROKing will stop botting if you back town X times in half an hour. (“X” is set by you)

1. Growth pet protection
a. auto use HGP for growth pet
b. auto revive growth pet (Notice: you must keep the revive grass in your inventory if you want to use this feature)
c. auto summon the 1st growth pet
2. auto use pet HP for growth pet and horse (Notice: you must keep recovery kit in your inventory if you want to use this feature)
3. auto sort inventory, include character’s and pet’s inventory. SROKing will auto combine the same items.

1. if you click twice on a spot on the mini-map, SROKing will auto walk there.
2. you can move the map by holding the left key of your mouse.
3. you can see the coordinate where your mouse shows.
4. the red spot refers to yourself, the green cross refers to the spot you want to go.

5.you can go to wherever you want by putting the coordinates. SROKing also provide “world transfer”


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