ft [Exotic Online]90Cap/Good rates/DreamWorld/Good team/FW/24-7/CHN only. ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

[Exotic Online]90Cap/Good rates/DreamWorld/Good team/FW/24-7/CHN only.

Exotic Online
  • Rates;
  • EXP/SP: 30x.
  • (P)EXP: 35x.
  • Item: 30x.
  • Gold: 10x.
  • Cap: 90(Skills as well.).

  • Features;
  • Only CHN Area's.
  • 9DG is the last Degree.
  • Fortress war, Capture the Flag and Battle arena, also available.
  • Less experience needed for leveling you're occupation(Job).
  • Lots of events and all kind of events.

Before a lot of children here are going to scream, OH MY GOD THIS IS A SERVER CREATED BY DREAMWORLD. No this server is NOT made by Dreamworld Online. Dreamworld online is only responsible for the hosting of the server,forum and site. Why? Easy, Me and the owner of DWO has been buddies for a while now, and i told him i would love to have my own server but a old-skool one, because in my opinion i HATE the european race. So he made me a deal, if i would give him a cut of the donations he would host my server. Yes DWO Team has some powers in my server, but they always have to ask me before doing something. Hope this clears a lot of things up and may Exotic online become the greatest Old Skool Private Silkroad Online server.


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