ft Blaze Silkroad | Cap 100 | Dedicated Server | Sos available in shops ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Blaze Silkroad | Cap 100 | Dedicated Server | Sos available in shops

Website: Blaze Gaming Netowrk
Forums: coming soon !
Registration :http://prime-sro.com/?page=register&refu=boringdom

we Will Update Later to 110 Then 120 and if we could 130 a lot of updates will follow we still didn't finish yet we just re-built the DB for a better performance
Level Cap: 100
Skill Cap: 100
Locale: Vietnamese
Race: Chinese and European
All New Zones - Alexandria etc.
EXP Rates: 40x
Party XP Rate : 41x
Gold Drop : 5x
Drop : 5x
Silk: Available
Server Count (1) (Blaze – 1000 slots)
Sun weapons 1~8dg - Sos 9dg - normal 90 weapon .. Are all available in shops
Blaze Gaming is a new player in town, hosted by some of most experienced silkroad veterans, aiming at bringing you the best gaming experience possible by our doing. We do know what we are doing, we are not a one-day silkroad server, we are planning to stay a –long- time.
We are trying something new in the silkroad scene, we do not aim at the highest rates possible, but we do know how hard it can be. Hence we have chosen to make a server, with ‘possible rates’ without compromising the actualy gameplay. We are primarily targetting experienced and developped players, but anyone who can play the game is welcome of course

Our benefits :

*An experienced team :

Our team exists of veterans in this scene from all corners that you can expect, we actually know how to run a server, and we have the budget to let this server stay as long as possible. We actually care about security, and especially our community rather than most servers here. Our players are our most important priority.

Medium Rates :
We do not believe in high rate (x9001) servers, we believe this is no fun at all. What is the point in playing a game, if everybody has the highest items in existance ? We believe that by working for your items, the reward is more enjoyable. You will not need to grind 24/7, but you will not get full sosun the first hour you’re playing. We have found a balance between high rates and low rates, that make the gameplay as enjoyable as possible, without making it too easy, or too hard.

Party Play:
We believe that this is the most fun aspect of the game, hence we will do everything to make people play in a party, it might not always be the best idea, but we will make sure everybody tries to play togheter as much as possible, and of course fun !

Our setup was designed by some of the most experienced silkroad veterans, we have found the perfect balance between costs and performance, this is important because we can have much lower silk prices, and still give you the best possible gameplay experience !

We will always upgrade our hardware even more, whenever our budget permits it.

We know how to play silkroad, hence you will certainly enjoy our events . More info to be released soon enough !

With a team like ours, you will never be left alone in the dark. We will try to do everything in our possibility to help you, our players. All our team members are good friends, and we trust eachother more than enough. We know how to operate a server like this, we will not simply add random people as a GM. We believe that corruption is one of the worst things that could happen to a server, hence we will do everything to make sure it doesn’t happen.

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Get Blazing Fast Asia Optimized Server For Affordable Price Here - THESTACK.NET

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