ft [DEDICATED] PVP SERVER: WOLFIEROAD ~ Instant 110 ,10m Sp ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers


Hello there, as u may know from our previous posts we host a pvp server wich is fun; At this moment we offer as much as u would expect from a pvp server :

-Start lvl 110
-Nova +5 FB @ npc
-Nova B grade gear @ npc available for silk donations : )
-Nova A grade gear rewardable @ events ----easy 2 get : )----
-10mil sp (ofc)
-Variable daily events : trivia, PVP, uniques, HnS, Kill the gollems, and so on.
-An active competent team of gms : [GM]Wolfie; [GM]Barathrum; [GM]DivineAce; [GM]Meno ; [GM]Sylar ; [GM]MAFIA offering support in most languages and game support aswell;
-We have some certain rulles that holds to the ethic code as in : English language only on "global" and "all" chat; those that use additional characters to buff themselfs in pvp will be warned once and banned if they are caught doing it again( we have the luxury of doing it due the fact that there is at least a gm online anytime)
-New avatars (dark warrior; assassin; red riding hood, etc) are available and more updates and original ideas up-to-come soon : )

Here's a video made by me a few months ago showing some basic stuff:
 Other than that we expect u to join us @ Home *quick edit*: the client on our official site is the old one, please download the new one from the link below.

And download our latest client from : Multiupload.nl - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

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