ft [SilkRoad] PokaSRO || Full D11 || Lag Free || 24/7 Dedicated Server || Bot Allowed ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

[SilkRoad] PokaSRO || Full D11 || Lag Free || 24/7 Dedicated Server || Bot Allowed

POKASRO Full D11 !!

Server Is [ONLINE]
Server Is Up For 24/7!

You are in a place with no way out (...)
Talking seriously…
You have a chance to take yourself off everyday boring life, or even your problems and take a tour to the world where you can win everything… or become defeated and lose everything in one moment. You want your emotions to reach sky high and have unforgettable moments in your life, we give you such chance – do not waste it

From the day you gained your life, you are the chosen one -
There is one master, with one future.
Show up on the rank, beat it, and be the master of legend, so what are you waiting for?
- gamers league!

We are offering "packet" by which game will be more interesting and full of emotions

Basic Information About Us :

We want to present you POKASRO which we worked many weeks on. All the effort we put in this work, let us make you sure that you will not regret any second spent in our virtual world!

Website & Forums :

* Server Homepage : POKASRO Official Website
* Server Register : POKASRO Registeration Form
* Server Community Forums : POKASRO Community Forums

Download Center Management :

* Download Full Game Client : POKASRO Full Game Client Download Links
* Download Required Utilites : POKARO Utilites Download Links

Donation Gainments :

* Donation System : You must login first then --> Silk Charge
* Donation Email : mr_asfora@yahoo.com

Rewards and Votes :Currently not working, will be fixed soon.

* Mechanic Vote Link : Vote Here
* Credit Points / Gifts: Credit Points / Gifts

Support & Help Management :

* Any Questions: PokaSRO Help Section
* Contact Us: PokaSRO Contact Us

General Settings :

* Client Version: 1.227
* Experience: 110x
* Party Exp Rate: 120x
* Drop Rate: 25x
* Gold Drop Rate: 20x
* Alchemy Rate: 3x

Features :

* All maps #On
* Forgotten World #On
* Job Cave #On
* ROCM #On
* New NPC for Egyptian A & B Weapons
* NPC PokaSRO Shop
- 5 Page Pet
- 150 Elixir Stackable
- 100 Stone Stackable
- Stone Drop from each mob with 100% drop rate .
-Bot Allowed
And lots of more features!

Server Events :

* Unique Event Everyday
* Hide & Seek Event Everyday
* PVP Event Every Week
* PVP Event gifts Silk+Titles!

PokaSRO Forum Events: Click HERE
PokaSRO Special & InGame Events: Click HERE

Server & Forum Rules(Simple) :

* Game Rules: HERE
* Forum Rules: HERE

ScreenShots of our game & service ...


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Hating results in nothing, so please keep it out of the thread. We are open for constructive criticism & suggestions, since it will only result in a better gameplay for you!

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Add Me 3aez aklmak 3Chan al Game iM asd_adm24@yahoo.com

Pleas We Want Good Server Free silk + Start lvl 1 and Xp=250 Gold=50 Sp=150 Pleas if you can make server pleas make it :) Have Fun

you can play (playsro)

here is the link to the site : http://playsro.com/

Me Name Hosam Add Me In Face Hosamsalah30@yahoo.com Me Need Buy This DataBase Please Pm Me FASTTTTT I Will W8 You For Pm Me ......
Need Nice Game For WTS No Gug No Lag D11 Or D10 Only

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