ft New Server Ultra sro cap 120,D13,SKills 120,Nova Sox +5 Start iTems ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

New Server Ultra sro cap 120,D13,SKills 120,Nova Sox +5 Start iTems

Hey everyone, it's my pleasure to introduce a new private server called Ultra Sro
Exp Rate : 500x
P.Exp Rate: 550
Sp Rate : 500x
Gold Rate : 25x
Drop Rate : 25x
Magic POP: 3x
Alchemy: 3x
CTF: No(Soon it will work)
Arena: No(Soon it will work)
Fortress: Yes
Mountain: Yes
Jupiter Temple: Yes
Start Items

Note: these Sox +5, Chinese get nova Chinese D11, Europe get nova Europe D11
Fortress War Each Week, Saturday, Tuesday 08:00 PM GMT+2

Website: UltraSro -Best Of The Best!
[CLIENT] Download: Deposit Files
Part 1: JumboFiles.com - Dedicated Hosting
Part 2: JumboFiles.com - Dedicated Hosting
Part 1: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part01.rar
Part 2: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part02.rar
Part 3: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part03.rar
Part 4: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part04.rar
Part 5: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part05.rar
Part 6: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part06.rar
Part 7: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part07.rar
Part 8: UltraOnline-1.252-Full Client-120Cap+120Skills.part08.rar

you have to download the full client we can't give you the media only or you will get a lot of crashes so i am done here i hope you Enjoy in the server another thing i am no the owner of this server i am just a normal player

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