ft Puritysro Absolute: Cap 100 server, Modified skills, Unique Card system ~ Private Sro

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Puritysro Absolute: Cap 100 server, Modified skills, Unique Card system

Hey guys!

This is the new server of PuritySRO, named Absolute.

Server info
Level Cap: 100.
Skill cap:100 with modifications*
Item Cap: 10 degree

Server slots: 1000
Exp Rate: 100x
Party Exp Rate: 105x
Gold Drop Rate: 15x
Drop Rate: 15x
SoX droprate: 10x
Alchemy Rate: 2x

FortressWar: Enabled. Each Week, Friday 8:00 PM (GMT+1)
Capture the flag: Enabled.

Regions: Everything is enabled, except Alexandria. (+ Custom PVP area)
Reborns system: Currently disabled.
Achievement system: Currently disabled.

Website: Ingame functions, Unique ranking, Webshop, Online userlist.

Homepage: PuritySRO - Absolute
Download: PuritySRO - Absolute

NOTE: You have to download the full client!
Card System
The card system is unique, users can gain exchange cards from hunting uniques, fortress war, job activities (will be added) and events!
Users can exchange cards to Sos/Som 10dgr items and others.
Modified Skills
* Removed sleep
* Edited reflect
* Added delays to the debuffs and stun

* Removed Blackress buff
* Holy spell reduced to 65%
* Edited Offering to 667% dmg

* Edited Dagger desperate to 50% dmg
* Edited Crossbox Extreme to 50% dmg

* Edited Dare Devil to 257% dmg
* Edited return damage

* Increased chain damage with 30%
* Added 5% HP use for Knock down skills

* Added impotent to the first series
* Added Weaken/ Decay to chains
* Added 5% HP use for Ghost Spear

* INT is required to level snow shield
* STR is required to level ice wall

* INT is required to level fire wall
Starter Items
Exchange Card Rewards

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