ft QueenSRO (PvP - Uniques) D13 Instant 120 - Unlimited silk (Dedicated 7/24) located in NL ~ Private Sro

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QueenSRO (PvP - Uniques) D13 Instant 120 - Unlimited silk (Dedicated 7/24) located in NL


Server features:
Instant lvl 120
All items @ NPC d13 FB
Start with 1000 silk and every week auto refresh 1000 silk
Start with 10m SP
Start with 6b gold
Alchemy Rate 2x
All areas enabled except Jupiter
Event uniques every 1 hour
FW 3 days in the week (monday / wednesday / friday) 5PM (GMT -2 Time)
Bard dances are disabled
Warrior Fences and pain are disabled

QueenSRO Online

QueenSRO Registration


You must download full client to avoid crashes
Part 1: JumboFiles.com - Dedicated Hosting
Part 2: JumboFiles.com - Dedicated Hosting

Server Info:
Server Name: QueenSRO (PVP)
Exp: 100x
SP: 100x
Gold: 50x
Item Drop: 50x
Level Cap: 120
Items Cap: 13d items
Starting Gold: 6b gold
Starting level: Lv 120
Starting SP: 700m SP
Starting Silk: 1000 Silk
Starting items: +7 D13 set & Weapon can be purchased with gold from NPC

More Info:
PVP Area: Donwhang South / Alex North
FW is everyday from 1:30PM to 3:00PM (GMT -2 time)
FW Registration is everyday from 12AM to 12PM (GMT -2 time)
Uniques Spawn every 1 hour.
Demain Shaitan spawn spot changed to Jangan south gate.

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isa i make New Char in This Server and Take Fw :D Love u Kimo <3333

Bas ya Rab Tshof my Comment's :D

Ftw _(QueeN Sro)_ :))

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7ad yefhamny koll ma anzel el cleint yegy ba3d 85 % we internet download manger yefsel ... 7ad shaf el araf dah zayee hena yensa7ny a3mel eh

can you type to us by English to understand what you want


Link Client died topic? Help me link new? Thanks!

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