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Myth Online - Cap 120, New Town, Custom Items, Fellow pets,New server files

Myth Online has open as Open Beta, some information about the server:

Website: Myth Online :: Home

Register: Myth Online :: Account

Forum: Myth Online Forums

Serverfiles: New VSRO files

From lv 1 to 100:
Exp/SP: 50x
Party Exp/SP: 60x
Gold: 30x
Drop: 15x

From lv 100 to 120:
Exp/SP: 80x
Party Exp/SP: 90x
Gold: 30x
Drop: 15x

Job rates: Increased in an uknown amount lol

Cap: 120
Mastery cap: 360
Job cap: 120

Key features
* Latest job system fully working
* Recipe/crafting system
* Battle Arena/CTF/Fortress War working
* Improved consigment rewards
* New Fellow Pets
* New Town
* New interface: Dark Glare
* Improved D12 gameplay. The D12 degree works like it was supposed to work until Joymax fucked it up. All the SoX D12 items stats has been recalculated for match the normal stats of a degree.
* All the avatars available
* Hero Rank System
* Custom quests
* You can create up to 8 characters per account
* Built-in nude patch (yeah, boobies!)
* Silkroad-R Skills
* Improved some other skills
* Custom client
* And many, many more, join us for see them all!

During the open beta, every new character will get 10m SP, 10b Gold, 10k MyC, instant lv 120 and 75 inventory slots.

Characters will be deleted after the Open Beta. This is NOT the final version and some stuff is incomplete, such as the Hero Rank System.

Roc: Every Saturday and Sunday at 18:00 UTC+1
Medusa: Every day at 11:00/14:00/18:00/22:00 UTC+1
Temple of Selket a nd Neith: Every day at 11:00/16:00 UTC+1
Temple of Anubis and Isis: Every day at 13:00/19:00
Temple Haroeris and Seth: Every day at 15:00/20:00
CTF: Every 2 hours
Fortress War register: Every Friday from 1:00 to 21:00 UTC+1
Fortress War: Every Saturday at 18:00 UTC+1
Random Arena: 1:00/13:00 UTC+1
Party Arena: 4:00/16:00 UTC+1
Guild Arena: 7:00/19:00 UTC+1
Job Arena: 11:00/23:00 UTC+1
Server specifications:
The server is hosted on 2 dedicated servers with 2 GameServers, each dedicated server has:

HP DL165 G7 con AMD Opteron 6164 HE Chipset
2 x Opteron 6164 HE, 24 Cores (2x12)
2x 1,000 GB SATA II-HDDs, 7.2k


MythOnline_Client_v3000.rar - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download

Download Myth Online Client v3000 rar

filehosting.org - download page for MythOnline_Client_v3000.rar


JumboFiles.com - Dedicated Hosting
JumboFiles.com - Dedicated Hosting

Note: If anyone knows another website that allows files over 1GB without premium shit tell us and we will upload it there.

Starting items and more specific details about the server will be given when the Open Beta is over.

This Open Beta is for test that everything works as it should, please reports any bug you may find on this thread or on the Myth Online Forums. We also accept suggestions and ideas.

Unlike other servers, we do not plan to bring an static-content server. We will be working on new updates and unique features for everyone to enjoy. We have already some ideas in mind, most of them will be added with the time.  

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if you are selling server files please PM me at: zozosro [AT] gmail.com

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