ft Anonymous 80 Cap PVE Server ( Dedicated 24/7 ) FW,FGW ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Anonymous 80 Cap PVE Server ( Dedicated 24/7 ) FW,FGW


 Anonymous is a new silkroad private server, about a week old now and we already have 50+ active players daily.

All characters start with 500k sp, 100m gold, 3 pages of inventory, quest title 6, 40/40 int/str, 15x instants + reverse + 100% res, 10x globals and a gold pig pick pet.

We have fortress war everyday, battle arena every 2 hours, FGW and more.

Areas include Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand, Constantinople, DW Cave, Togui village, and Flame mountain.

I have opened the job temple. All mobs have been lowered 30 levels to 74-80 and quest rewards have been boosted. The mobs will be as strong as level 85-90 mobs, and will give twice the exp as takla mobs, so party's are encouraged.

We have events almost everyday! where you can sin silk for mall items and magic pop with boosted pop rates.

We have boosted stack sizes: potions and elixers at 1000, and stones at 100.

Our hunter, trader and thief rates are also boosted 10x, now you can successfully earn decent gold and exp from trades.

Unique spawn times are also boosted: TG, Uru, Cerb and Ivy are 45 min; Isy is 1.5-2h, and lord is 2.5-3.5h

We have an excellent staff are continuously adding new updates and making new customizations.

You can register and download at:

Server Rates 
Exp Rate10x
Party Exp Rate12x
Drop Rate20x
Gold Drop Rate20x
Sox Drop Rate10x
AlchemySpecial x2
Magic POPx10

Server Information 
Level Cap80
Skills Cap80
Mastery Cap 240
Weapon Gear 9 Degree
Gear Cap 9 Degree
Guild&Union EmblemsWorking
Maps - Region JG,DW,HT,SM,CS,FGW,BA,FW,Job-Temple
RaceEurope + Chinese
Fortress War On
Capture The Flag Off
Battle ArenaOn
Magic PopOn
Server Capacity250 slots
PlayersAround 100 Players Daily
HostDedicated 24/7 Uptime
GMsFriendly, Active
VersionVsro (old files) 1.190
CommunityFriendly, easy to get plvl etc

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