ft Imagine Sro~All Avatars~New Uniques~Free Silks~D12&Cap120~Grap Pet ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Imagine Sro~All Avatars~New Uniques~Free Silks~D12&Cap120~Grap Pet

Register Page:click here

Download Client:click here

Download Media: click here

If you download media only and found a dc/crash go download Full Client


EXP & SP Rate: 150x

PARTY EXP Rate: 200x

DROP Rate: 50x

GOLD DROP Rate: x40

SOX DROP Rate: 25x

ALCHEMY Rate: 2x

Next Update We will add :

- Angel Devil
- Premium Plus Plus
- a new elixer have more succuss rate


Start Items:

100k sp
3 milion gold
10 reverse
10 res scroll
2 global
1 grab pet


About Free Silks First 100 Member Be Online On Game Will get 1000 silks

not first 100 account get the silks

Q: how to get silks?
R:when you do a charcter and be online in game you will send a msg with ur id on game to Account Name:[Support] Dont send a pm just a msg
NOTICE:[GM]FBI Is only GameMaster there.. And [Support] Only for bugs-silks!


* All Maps Working
* Jupiter Temple & mirror world
* D12 Drops From Mobs 110-120
* Added all new avatars on item mall with a low price
* Added a new uniqs
* Fortress War, Holy Water Temple Forgotten World all work good


Dedicated Server Information:

Windows Web Server 2008 R2

Proccessor: AMD Opteron(tm) Proccessor 3280

Memory (RAM): 24 GB DDR 3

System Type: 64 bit

We bought this Dedicated Server For 2 years.. thats mean server never go offline!

-ignored all haters..
- Imagine Silkroad Best Private server ever

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