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Limit-Road | Cap 120 | D13 | Old System | Ip Limit | Coin System | Instant Level 120 | Play2Win | Free Silk | High Job Rate | New Glows | Job Temple | Daily Events

Hello all, I want to give you my game modest hope to come with us, if you want it Come and join us to begin to explain information about 'Limit-Road'.

We've kept you waiting for quite a long time by pushing the release date further and further away. However, we are finally able to proudly present you 'Limit-Road' achieve features never seen before and yet keep simplicity.

PlayAlpine | Bring back the Old Times! | Cap 100 | Chinese Only | Low Rates | Balanced System | Free Silk/Hour | Ip Limit | FGW | FTW | Custom Uninques | Custom Teleports | Pet 5 Pages | Magic Pop | Jewel Box Event | Old School Server

I would like to introduce our new private server which is worth to play.
We won't add any systems such as coins system or any over-edited stuff.

Live Sro | D10 Pvp Server | Free Silk | Advanced Systems | Max Plus | Coin System | Awaken System | Strong Box | Tomb System | Crab Quest | Auto Plus Notice | New Skills | New Uniques

Hello Everyone,

We are Introducing Live Sro Online Hope you check our server and rate it .

Legend World Online l Free Silk l D15 l Cap 130 l Legend Hit | Green Zerk | Bone Roc Room | New Unique Zones | New Avatars | Const Ftw | Coin System

Legend World Online
Best Silkroad Private Server D15

Server Information

Lvl Cap :- 130 Nearly 140
Skill's Cap :- 260 Eu - 390 Ch
Gear Cap :- D15
Experience rate: 650x
Party Experience rate: 700x
Gold Drop Rate : 20x
Item Drop Rate : 25x

New Skills
New Weapon's
New Glow

ZvSRO | Cap 105 | D11 | Chinese Only | Automatic Title System | Old School | Low rates | Old Design | Old Job System | Free Silk/Hour | Zszc Style | Jangan Fortress | Coin System

Hello Every Body,
We see some people need Server like zszc but for Vsro Files is Better , We have worked Server that combines the two , hope it like some people.

AinoSRO | Cap 90 | Low Rates | Activity Based | D9 | Ip Limit | Hard Alchemy | Custom Edits | Coin System | No Unions | Ctf | Ftw | Special Title | Starting Items | Forgotten World | Custom Unique

Hello! We, team Aino, would like to present you our project: cap 90, both races & low rates server. Even though we allowed bots, active players will progress way faster! We tried making minigames (such as ctf, ba, fgw) the number one way of earning gold and items. Our goal is to build a mature community on a stable and well made server. Join us if you want to give it a chance!

Release date & hour GMT+2
>>April 4th-20:00<<

Wicked Reloaded | Cap 125 | Balanced System | Free Silk | Coin System | D12 | Automatic Title's | New Quest's l Start Item Quest | Ctf | Job Rank | Special Glows | Holy Water Temple | Gold Lottery Scroll

Introducing an awesome and rapidly growing online community, full of fun, good times, good friends and attentative GM's.
Addicted Network's Wicked SRO Server NEEDS YOU ! 

SchickSro | Cap 110 | D11 | New Avatars | Mid Rates | New Areas | Free Silk | Special Edits | Professional Server | Daily Events | Coin System | Old Avatars Nps | Stone Npc | Battle Arena

Hello ,
I'd like to announce our server - Schick Sro Online (110 Cap)
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice game play with a lot of fun and amazing features.

Who we are ?
We are a professional, international team with a lot of experience, all our team members mature and trusted people.

Prime Online | Tequila | Cap 90 | Multiple Servers | Mid Rates | Custom Features | OldSchool Server | Vote4Silk | Battle Arena | D8 | Chinese Only | Ip Limit | Start Items | Unique Coins | Coin System

(New) Tequila Server
We are opening a second server at Prime Online. It will be similar to our first but with a few small changes. These changes include higher rates, lower alchemy, unions disabled, guild member limit of 25 at the start, completely wiped of all characters, items and guilds. It will have all of the amazing features we have developed at prime online over the last few months but will be a fresh start for all our new members to have a chance to become the BEST!
You can see a short description of our best features below...
Grand Opening: Monday, March 10th - 11am GMT-5 / 6pm GMT+2