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AinoSRO | Cap 90 | Low Rates | Activity Based | D9 | Ip Limit | Hard Alchemy | Custom Edits | Coin System | No Unions | Ctf | Ftw | Special Title | Starting Items | Forgotten World | Custom Unique

Hello! We, team Aino, would like to present you our project: cap 90, both races & low rates server. Even though we allowed bots, active players will progress way faster! We tried making minigames (such as ctf, ba, fgw) the number one way of earning gold and items. Our goal is to build a mature community on a stable and well made server. Join us if you want to give it a chance!

Release date & hour GMT+2
>>April 4th-20:00<<

Info Value 
Max level 90
Gear cap9D
Server filesVSRO.
RacesEu & Ch
Exp Ratex5
Item Ratedifferent for each degree
9D Item Rate5x
IP Limit3
9D SuNsdisabled
9D SoMs0.5x & they look like 10D
Alchemycustom & hard

  • Samarkand & Constantinople are closed
  • Euro characters spawn in Jangan
  • Euro inventory expansion quests moved to ch zones
  • Euro blacksmith, armor smith and jewelry NPCs moved to ch zones
  • Few minor changes that will make euro less OP in party vs party
  • Nothing changed on "one versus one" pvp
  • Ch mobs drop euro items too
  • Black ress removed
"No pay to win" as much as possible
  • Globals for honor
  • Magic pop: removed 9d som & sun
  • Removed any kind of zerk refilling potion, scroll
  • 20% damage increase/absorption scroll changed to 10% only
  • No Resurrection scrolls (except that one included in premium plus)
  • Reverse scrolls have 10 minutes cooldown
  • Silk can also be earned by voting, inviting friends, advertising
    More details on our forum
Extra details
  • Som 9D items look like 10D items
  • Jobbing cap level moved to 10
    -Special job suit at lvl 6
    -Special title at lvl 10
  • Stabilize system:
    Coin of the rich =100m
    Coin of the flag (from ctf)
    Coin of the gladiator (from BA)
    Coin of the hunter (drop on shiro)
    ^the only way to get adv elixirs A
    Also used to buy som weapons & accesory
  • No unions
  • Fortress war structures have with 15% more HP
  • FGW best source of elixirs

* Complete description of our server is available on our website & forum.
vSRO files
cap 90
ch 300 mastery
ip limit 3
exp 5x
sp 5x
item drop : 1-5D 20x, 6D 15x, 7D 10x, 8-9D 5x
Sox drop : 1-5D 5x, 6-8D 1x, 9D 0.5x
elixirs: 10x
magic stones, attribute stones: 10x
tablets: disabled
Sun 9D : disabled
Union forming is disabled
Guild mercenars are gone
Penalty remover for guild and job
Jangan cave closed
9D SoM items look like 10D SoM
Honor weapons removed
Added 1 global=5 academy honor
*Maybe more silk items for academy honor will be added
Hp/Mp potions are free
Stable items are free
adding blues=easy
*with lucky powder
*without avatar, premium, lucky stones
+1 100%
+2 50%
+3 20%
+4 10%
+5 7%
+6 5%
+7 3%
+8 2%
+9 2%
+10 1%
+11 1%
+12 1%
Starting items
*can't be traded or stored
500k gold
gold time 1x
silver time 1x
20 begginer return scrolls
20 100% speed potions
grab pet Golden pig for 3days
50k skill points

Coin System
Coin of the Flag (iron coin renamed) (earned from CTF, 1 by winners 0 by losers)
Coin of the Gladiator (copper coin renamed) (earned from BA , 5 by winners 1 by losers)
Coin of the Rich (gold coin renamed) (brought with gold, 100m gold each)
Coin of the Hunter (silver coin renamed) (dropped by Shiro)
Used to buy adv elixirs A and SoM weapons & accesory
At lvl 90, a trader buys goods for 21m and sells for like 54m (dw-jg or dw-ht)
Jobbing cap level moved to 10
6->7 = 7->8 = 8->9 = 9->10
Special job suit at lvl 6, with extra stats
Special title at lvl 10:
Fortress war
Only one for now: Jangan (can be changed)
Taxes: 5% (might get changed)
All structures have with 15% more HP
Tai-sui takes 24 hours to make
Tai-sui drops globals, reverses.
One custom unique
Name: Shiro
Location: Near Black Jade River (Hotan)
Skin: shinmoo the man of flames
Level: 100
Very hard: requires chn tank and euro buffers
Forgotten world
No sun weapons
Elixir drop greatly improved
Fgw is now the best source of elixirs
Stackable items
potions hp/mp 250
elixirs 50
pills 250
stones 50
arrows/bolts 1000
copper coins 1000







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