ft [EX.Silkroad-R Grand]120 Cap/Earn Free Silk/Sun+10/Awesome Benefit /Best Rate ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

[EX.Silkroad-R Grand]120 Cap/Earn Free Silk/Sun+10/Awesome Benefit /Best Rate

[EX.Silkroad-R Grand Released]120 Cap/Earn Free Silk/Best Rate/Awesome Benefit Package

Game Version:Silkroad-R Ver1.017
Download:Ex.Silkroad-R Full Client Download
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-Lvl/Skill Cap:120(will open lvl140 later)
-Exp :200x
-Party Exp:200x
-Gold: 50x
-In Weekend rates are 250x
-present 1 set D9 SUN +10 Equipments & Weapon
-Present 3 pages invertory
-Present 5,000,000 skill points
-Present a SNOWMAN pet(28 Days)
-Present 5,000 bottles HP Recovery potion(X-large)
-Present 5,000 bottles MP Recovery potion(X-large)
-European/Chinese character working with no bugs
-Auto res by yourself at level 70 and 110
(this funciton will be opened in few days)

Earn silk online now(keep online 1 hour earn 1 silver silk)

No lagging server with nice people!!

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Battle System:

Fortress War Schedule

How it is played?
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Mutiple Languages Service Supplying:


Contact our servicer on our FORUM once you need it by 24/7
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You must use a valid email address and write down your security code, otherwise you wont be able to:
* Change or retrieve any information about your account
* Get help from our GMs about your account

Please dont fill out with the special words (|and|(|)|insert|select|delete|update|count|chr|mi d|master|truncate|char|declare) included in your mail or name during your registration

Private Message us with your username/pw/mail/security code) if the registration keep occurring the error with
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Benefit Package Once registration:

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Exclusive Private Silkroad Online R Version In The Market

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