ft InspireRoad (everything fixed. New start!) d11 cap 110 vote4silk ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

InspireRoad (everything fixed. New start!) d11 cap 110 vote4silk

Dear users,
On request from different users, we decided make an update.
First I'd like to introduce InspireRoad.

For download links, actually check out the Forum. Website will be created new. But you're still able to register.
If you will get a PHP error, simply reload the website.

InspireRoad rates:
  • EXP | SP rates: x85
  • Party EXP rates: x100
  • Drop rates: x100
  • SoX drop rate x1.
(From iSRO rates.)

Server slots: 1000 at begin.

Battle arena: Working..
Capture the Flag: Working..
Maps: All maps aviable..
Race: Chinese | European
LvCap: 110
SilkVoting: Will be added coming week..
Donate for IRP (Silk): Working..
GM's: 10

At the moment, you're able to post your application as a Supporter in our Forum.
When we're looking for GM's you're able to apply too.
  • We are searching 1 GM who can work with PHP, HTML very good (for website and more..)
  • We are searching Moderators who can help out us in our Forum.

During the 1st April until the 6th. April, we're doing a special Video Contest event. Check out Forum for more!
Prizes are up to 1000 Silks and InGame Beserker Titles. (e.g. Unique Hunter | Duke | V.I.P and more..)
Of course there are DAILY UNIQUE EVENTS and HIDE AND SEEK EVENTS and we will do monthly screenshot-contests and more!!!

If you've got any kind of questions, simply reply this thread, of course I'll reply you!

We welcome every new member!

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