ft Azgard Network-Cap Lv90 - BA*FGW*FW*All new things work & Much More Come Check it out ~ Private Sro

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Azgard Network-Cap Lv90 - BA*FGW*FW*All new things work & Much More Come Check it out

Hello Welcome to Azgard networking community's topic

Here we proudly introduce our first server [Athens]

First of all we will start with the rates..

* Info*
*Cap Lv90
*Skills Lv90
*Magic Pop => WorkS
*CTF => Work
*All New Avtars And Old Work
*All Pets Old And New One Work
*A Nice Start Item's
*All 9D Areas Work
*All Unique's Work
*Network Name: Azgard-Network
*Serve #1r Name: Athens

Please Note that the rates are 100% true not lies.


*Client Version: 1.188
*Exp/SP Rate: 50x Note : That There's EXP Event Running for the first server's 2 weeks
*Party Exp Rate: 70x

*Stack Items**Arrows/ Bolts => 3000
*All HP Pots => 300
*All MP Pots => 300
*All Vigor => 300
*All Elixirs/Tablets => 50

*Start Items*


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Home Page

Register Page

Download Page

Also Please Note :
That for pure game play without errors crashes and bugs please download full client..
Also There's Events That provides prizes as silks,avatars.
and also
we disabled selling equipments/weapons in the Donate for having fair game play.

About How to Get silk without Donate*
1-Their will be Unique event for CH for killing 10 unique will get free silk and For Eu either*
2-First 3 Top Of Thief-First 3Top Of Hunter- First 3 Top of Trader Will get free silk
3-Will be Voting For Silk Soon
4- All Completed Guilds will have free Silk
5-The Winner of guild War will get free Silk for all Member

Trade Rate Will be Increased For Hunting Game Play and to Get gold
How to get gold
1-Taxi For low levels
2-Be Trader-hunter and Thief
Note: The Exp Event is About to Finish And We are going for Another Events [For more information Go To Forums]


New Launcher Design
New Loading Screen

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