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Silkroad Private Servers

Server ®Professional SRO® [Free Silk 30k]

Welcome in «®°·.¸.•°°®» Professional SRO «®°°·.¸.•°®»

Professional SRO Just Get Start
Server **** : ProfessionalSro
Races : Chinese & Europe
Level Cap : 120
Skill Cap : 120
Exp And SP Rate : 300x (iSro)
Party EXP Rate : 320x (iSro)

Drop Rate :400x (iSro)
Server Capacity : 2000 Slots
D11 Weapon And Gear Dg12 From Mobs Dg13 For GM
Alchemy : 2.5x
Sox Drop : 4x
Server online24/7

UpData e* :P

*1.server changeto ProfessionalSro
*2.Server Now Have Fortress War Work 100%
*3. Jupiter Work 100%
*4.Mobs 111 to 120 drob itmes d12
*5. stone d11/12/13 full work 100%
*6.Start itmes 30k silk magicpop 100%

HaMaChi RooM
iD: PSRO_1 ~ 50 Password : 1

you will say hamachi noop . i will say to you : so what !! we open server 18 hour i day and network 8GB "NO LAG"

Soon we will upload VPS

Link MedIa : JumboFiles.com - Dedicated Hosting
Rag Page :
Link To Forum :http://professional-sro.hooxs.com/
WibSit ProfessionalSro But not finished
FullClient: http://depositfiles.com/files/60znjuk4j

GM Team :

GM EmaT Owner

GM SniperUAE




... and more

there is mach event :

PVP / Hide / Unique / and more ..

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