ft FREE SILK Temple Silkroad [115cap pearl system] ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

FREE SILK Temple Silkroad [115cap pearl system]

We added more new uniques:

Rage Cloud lv50:

Zielkiaxe lv110 & The Earth lv110

Yuno lv110

Babilon lv120

we changed:

EXP/SP x100
PT EXP/SP x110
Alchemy Custom(easy to +7)
Gold x15
Drop x30
SOX drop x5
JOB Profit x25
Berserker x5

*webpage adress:

*website template

*Silks prices:

*server security

we added Temple Silkroad forum:
Temple Silkroad Forum

Home Page : TempleSRO - Silkroad Private Server
Download : TempleSRO - Silkroad Private Server
Register : TempleSRO - Silkroad Private Server

Temple Silkroad Blog - chat room

Exp: x100
PT Exp:x110
Gold: x15
Job: x100
Berserker: x5
FGW Talisman: x2

New Uniqe:

Battlegolem - Lv 30

Tai-sui - Lv 10

Senior General Lv 25

BeakYung The White Viper - Lv 110

New system of pearl

System of coin was been changed. Instead of normal Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold Coin changed to White Pearl, Black Pearl, Ruby i Sapphire. With White Pearl can be bought Sapphire and Ruby as Black Pearl. Pearls fall on specially prepared for this arena - Temple. There are special monsters to farm pearls, Sapphire and Ruby. Pearls drop from Fox s - Elite monsters 110Lv, and Sapphire and Ruby Zealot of Fury - Elite Monster 115Lv. Monster it is hard to beat, but it's worth, even for the exp / sp, earnings and the large number of pearls, sapphire and ruby. For Ruby and Sapphire you can buy a lot of items and armor, accessories and weapons for each DGR, and 11 Dgr C Class! In order to collect on such weapons we need to put some work and desire, but it's worth, the more that it is free, we do not have to pay for it with real money.

New area:
PvP Arena:

What is it? Now on the server will be a special place, called: PvP Arena to get at it
Just click on the normal teleport in every city, and then [PvP Arena].
New horse & trans pet:

Trans pet:



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