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Silkroad Private Servers

[SOI] Silkroad of Immortals Reborn System | D11 Cap110

As many of us noticed, servers started to open one after another, all the same, different rates. I believe players are actually searching for a server which can provide Stability, Professinal Management and more important than anything, Confidence that it will be there next year aswell.

People want a server opened by professionals, not by sro fans, kids, bored people,etc. As srstats admin said, its getting annoying and boring to see all kind of servers opening up, looking bad, working bad...its almost making you hate Silkroad.

We, from GoplayNetworks brought something new. We brought you a system unique and revolutionary. What do you say if your game won't end at 110 ? or 120 ? What do you say if you can continue the game long enough, that you won't get bored?

How does +4000 Extra Stat points sound? With 50 Reborns on www.silkroad-of-immortals.com you will be able to make your character 10 times stronger, faster and deadlier. Imagine after 50 reborns your level 1 character has extra 4000 Extra Bonus Points. And guess what, a beginner reborn can costs only 1,000,000 ingame gold. You also receive millions of Skill Points.

In the first week all new players will receive Hunter's pack, made from:

  • Grab Pet for a limited period
  • 2 Reverse Scrolls
  • 2 100% Ressurect Scrolls
  • 2 Attack Pet Scrolls
  • 2 Magic Pop Card

So again, What is Reborn System?

After you reach a desired level you can choose between 3 different Reborn packages: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each of them giving something different with different costs.

Server info:

Rates will be 300x, with few reborns it becomes easier of course. Server will have 1000 slots and its hosted on two major machines connected at 1gbit network. Item and Gold Drop rates optimized for Reborn system economy. Over 10x rates for gold and over 30x for items.

Refferal system with monthly rewards + rankings with alot of information. Also, a new account panel has just been implemented and ready to be tested.

Email Contact: contact@goplaynetworks.com
Website: www.silkroad-of-immortals.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SilkroadImmortals

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