ft [FusionRoad] Eyna 13DG 120 skills Fellow pets and more ! ~ Private Sro

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[FusionRoad] Eyna 13DG 120 skills Fellow pets and more !



Hello !
We (FusionTeam) would like to show you our new project: FusionRoad. First server name is Eyna.
Server files ares edited in professional way - with many new things added. Files are edited in professional way - they don't have bugs.
I am sure you will enjoy playing on our server
 Official site:
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Game Rates:

CAP : 130
Skills : 120

Items : 13 Degree
EXP & SP: 30x (iSro 60x)
Party EXP : 40x (iSro 80x)
Drop Items : 15x
Drop Gold : 2x
SOS Drop : 5x
SOM Drop : 3x
SUN Drop : 1x


[Server Admin / Head GM] rofdzio___
[Support / GameAdmin] valenar
[Graphic / GameAdmin] GalactiX
[PHP Coder / GameMaster] stiffi
[GameMaster] IseeU
[GameMaster] Delma.

Server Features

Active regions

All towns: ON
Roc Mountain: ON (v.soon)
Jupiter Temple: OFF (Monsters from Jupiter will be added to Holy Water Temple)

-Added fellow pets and grab pets,avatars, 13DG items, 12DG skills, 13DG drop, and more ! We have already added features from GlorySro 13DG server and we will add more !

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