ft [Dedicated] WickedSRO - Item Mall Items for ingame Gold available at NPC ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

[Dedicated] WickedSRO - Item Mall Items for ingame Gold available at NPC

I would like to introduce you the WickedSRO private server

Homepage: WSRO || Wicked Silkroad Online Private Server
Forum: WickedSRO Forum

Server Informations:

Level Cap: 100
Skill Cap: 100
Degree Cap: 10th
Mastery Cap: 300
Exp/SP Ratio: x50
Party Exp Ratio: x55
Gold Droprate: x15
Item Droprate: x25
SoX Droprate: x5
Merchant (Job) Ratio: x5
Increased Alchemy rates for +1 to +4
Races: Chinese and Europe


Jangan (including Qin Shi tomb)
Hotan (including Roc Mountain)
Alexandira (100 - 103 Mobs)
Forgotten World


Custom Eventarea(Lv32 ~ 59)
Custom Eventarea(Lv60 ~ 75)
Custom Eventarea(Lv76 ~ 89)
Custom Eventarea(Lv90 ~ 100)
Guild War
Fortress War
Capture the Flag
Meet Roc - Gate of Ruler
Custom Events by our GMs
PvP tournaments organized by GMs

Start Items:

20 Beginner Return Scrolls
20 100% Moving Speed Scrolls
Monkey Summon Scroll (3 days) (NEW!)
50 Beginner HP Potions (small)
50 Beginner MP Potions (small)


[GM]Smarty (ZeraPain)

Special Items: They are available at Event So-Ok for gold in each town

- The GM team is very active
- It takes around 4-5 days to get to level 100, and around 2-3 days to be FF
- Most of the players are friendly, helpful and very active


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