ft C'monLine 120Cap/12-13D/JUPITER TEMPLE/7~24 Dedicated ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

C'monLine 120Cap/12-13D/JUPITER TEMPLE/7~24 Dedicated

New Server C'monLine...
Register and Download: C'monLine | Home Page

İtem Mastery : 12 D - 13 D
Client version:v1.287
ServerFiles: vSro
Party Exp Rate:500x
Sox Drop Rate: 100x
Level cap: 120
Mastery cap:360 / 240
Race: Chinese & European
Autopotion Yes
Fortress War:Yes
Medusa and Roc:Yes
Forgotten World:Yes
Battle Arena:Yes
Capture the Flag : Yes
Job level cap :7
MAP : All Map working inclusive JUPİTER TEMPLE

Alchemy RATES :
( NPC Lucky Powder for ) +1 ~ +4 %86 +4 ~ +8 %44 +8 ~ +12 % 26
(İtem Mall in Lucky Magic powder for) +1 ~ +4 %99 +4 ~+8 %84 +8~+12 %52

Unique Event (sometimes winner for award silk or Unique Killer Hwan title )
PVP tournament (Winner for PVP king hwan title)
Hide'n'Seek event (sometimes winner for award silk or silk items.)

Starting Gifts
400k Skill point
1m Gold
7days Devil
3days Grap Pet
11 unit speed return
10000 Hp and Mp potions.
Hwan title : Newbie

All area working, never and never lag or bug.
Everyday unique event
Bot and Multi Client legal.
Everyday 12.00 auto unique event.

Only item mall section %70 working.(Coming soon %100)
Server have all new and old dress (2011)
Coming soon new pet and dress(2012).

NOTİCE : C'monLine Silkroad need new panel.
Proffessional project for award great silk

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