ft EXT Gaming Network 100Cap PVP Tournament ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

EXT Gaming Network 100Cap PVP Tournament

Client Version : 1.234
Server Rates

Uptime: 98,73%
Exp Rate : 100x
Sp Rate : 100x
Gold Rate : 50x
Drop Rate : 50x
Alchemy Rate : 2.5x
Start Items


All functionability enabled
Silks: You can earn for free from events.
Server Capacity: 1000

PVP Tournament
ExtpFire Event (Silk Reward)
Kill4Extp (Silk Reward)
Massive Trade
USRS Event


Official Website: ExtremE-SilkroaD
Registration: ExtremE-SilkroaD - Registration
Download: ExtremE-SilkroaD-Downloads

I am in the GM team. We currently just opened our first Silkroad server as you can see, we also prepare a new unique one in the next week . In the near future we are going to open few other game servers . Our goal is to make one very big community - we have the resources and the ability to do it. We will be happy to have you in our community . <3 .This will be the official thread of the network .

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