ft Warriors Online | Cap 100 | D10 | Old School | Play2Win | Free Silk/Hour | Old System | Mid Rates | Ip Limit | New Npc | Premium Shop | Coin System | Title Scrolls | New Pets Npc | Special Avatars | Forgotten World | Holy water Temple | Balanced System ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Warriors Online | Cap 100 | D10 | Old School | Play2Win | Free Silk/Hour | Old System | Mid Rates | Ip Limit | New Npc | Premium Shop | Coin System | Title Scrolls | New Pets Npc | Special Avatars | Forgotten World | Holy water Temple | Balanced System

To day i will Introduce to Us a new Game With Old System That All Like it And we Work On That Game To much to Make It Not Best But Good At all
So Lets Start 

Limited IP:3 Users
Silk Per Hour :1 Silk But At lvl 70

We Have 3 Markets That Will Help The Players To Enjoy The Game

1.Warriors Shop

Place For Warriors Shop That Will Help All Who Need Moon Set
That NPC in Jangan near Guild NPC

Seal of Moon Items
We Search in Many Server About Payment Systems And Found That Most of server Was make the mean payment system was arena or gold So

We decided to Make different Payment System to Make Game More Fun and Active players
New System For Payment
That depend on 


JC can bring it from Killing in Job Cave That Can Kill Any Mobs in Cave
Using That Teleport that you will found it in jangan

2.VIP Token

You can bring The VIP Token from killing the Uniques Like( Tiger - Cerberus - Uruchi - ivy- isy -lord-demon shaitan)

3.Orange Token
 You Can Bring That Orange Token From The Warriors Shop In Jangan Town

And Orange Token Can Buy it By 200 Mil That u can Collect Gold from Trade

4.Green Token

You Can Bring Green Token From ghost sereness in the Forgotten World That Drop that Green Token And VIP Token That will help you to buy the set and accessory

By Collecting The Required Payment u can Buy Any item that u need
And Have A look about the price of set

Requirement to buy 1 part SOM from set
-300 JC
-500 VIP Token
-10 Orange Token
-2 Green Token

2.Warriors Mall

A Special Title Names As We Make it as to make a nice fun in the game Like
  1. Legendary
  2. Unstoppable
  3. Destroyer
  4. Twilight
  5. F.B.I
  6. Ghost
And If You Say that (u say that game is old system and old system does,nt have any title and new pets )
i will say to u That i know what u say but we do that title and new pets to make game more fun and Dynamic And Make Player Active

Cost For Every Scroll And Pet
  1. 100 Silk
And We Do A Special System For Some Title As it Will be Free
Easy Step u Can do that
  1. Send Message to charname: WarriorS
  2. Write :W1
  3. Teleport
And u have 6 title free for usage
W1 :Annoyed(>_<)
W2 :Happy(^_^)
W3 :Sleepy(Z.z)
W4 :Starving(:v)
W5 :Confused(: o)
W6 :Serious(O_O)

3.Special Avatars
We Have That Market that Contains All the old and New Avatars That Will be Very Beautiful on Every Char

Cost For Old Avatar
  1. Avatar : 130 Silk
  2. Head : 30 Silk
  3. Accessory : 15Silk
Cost For New Avatar
  1. Avatar : 200 Silk
  2. Head : 100 Silk
  3. Accessory : 50 Silk

Forgotten World That Will Make Game More Active That Most of silkroad players like to play it so we make it to be the mean thing in the game
And Forgotten World that will bring from it the SOM Weapon

That is the collection form the forgotten world that u can bring it from killing in the mobs or from the Warriors Shop in jangan
And by collecting all books can go to the guild man in Hotan and conversation with him As in Quest to take from him your weapon

As Most of silkroad server that holy water temple don't use it as it have easy unique so
We do a special thing that will make game more active and participation with player with each other with
You can enter that holy water temple from jangan beside Warriors Shop But If Want to enter it u must have party At least 3 players in the party but alert that If you enter that temple with your party and party decrease to 2 players all party members will be out from the temple

Drop item D10 lvl100 As to make any player have more advanced items that will help you to protect any Monsters or player that will attack you as it drop VIP Token that will help you you buy SOM iems

We Have Special Uniques that have a special Drops As


Medusa That enter in jangan Cave with
03.00 AM
09.00 AM
03.00 PM
09.00 PM 
Drop Medusa
Silk Scroll
Global Chat
VIP Token
2. Roc
05.00 PM Every week in Tuesday
SOM Weapon
Silk Scroll
VIP Token
Reverse Scroll

A Special Title system that will make game more active and active

1.Money Maker

That title depend on your money that u have and start from 1 Bill and will automatic put for who have the maximum Money in the Game

2.Trade#1 , Hunter#1 , Thief#1 , King Alchemy

Trade#1 , Hunter#1 , Thief#1
That title name depends on your kills and Exp jop
King Alchemy
That title will given to who is the top alchemy who have the top item plus in game and at least plus 11 item

Weapon Effect

We Search in many server about skill and we found that most servers doesn't have a balanced skills So we Make Some Skills to Make Chinese equal Europe As it Shown

That Skill in Every Build in Chinese Skills Like Blade or Glavie or Bow

And That New Skills In Chinese Force that will help any Chinese player to be equal to Warlock in Europe

With that skills we make for the game a balance between Chinese and Europe

in That Section We will speak about events and how that events will refresh game but if events is to much so the players will be uncomfortable about to much events so we decided that to be

The List For The Events

  1. event unique weekly Every Friday
  2. Event PVP Weekly Every Sunday

  • -Scamming is not allowed (permanent ban)
  • -Selling in game items,gold,chars for any kind of currency is not allowed (permanent ban)
  • -Abusing and/or not reporting bugs is not allowed (permanent ban)
  • -Advertising other servers/websites is not allowed (permanent ban)
  • -Extremely racist attitude (depending on situation)
  • Seeing anyone breaking any of those rules report it at once to our forums providing proof such as pictures and videos (increase of scam and bug abusing)
There will be no GM's or any supporters in game except for System account which will be used for weekly events.
Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
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