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Silkroad Private Servers

R2SRO | Cap 100 | Med Rates | Old School Server | Ip Limit | Ban Hammer | Start Items | Fortress War | Jewel Box Event | CTF | Token System | New Zerk Quests | Custom Edits | Daily Events

R2SRO | Introduction
Xcution PlayDeff presents SRO - Private Sever (Cap 100) . If you like the server bring your friends and start conquer the Xcution PlayDeff World. Can you become Emperor or Empress? Show other players your skills and start becoming a Legend!
• English support is maintained by forum : Rebekka - Index
• If you have any questions or problems visit contact page for further information
2SRO | Others

• Information
Server info's 
Info            Value
Level cap     100
Gear cap    10Degree
Skill cap    100
Monster cap    100
Maps    All working
Server files    vSRO - Legend VI : Vehalla Files
Races    Euro / Chinese
Slots    1000[X]
Exp Rate    25x
Party Exp Rate    40x
Gold Drop Rate    10x
Drop Rate    15x
Alchemy Rate    1.5x
Job Rate    50x
Sox Rate    5x[X]
Ip Limit    4
Gold Bots    Ban Hammer

Game Features

R2SRO | Start Items

• 50 Reverse Return Scrolls
• 20 Moving Speed Scrolls
• 50 Instant Return Scrolls
• Monkey Summon Scroll (3 Days)
• Santa Dress
• Special Premium (3 Days)
• Devil Spirit Grade B (7 Days)
• Gold (1.000.000)
• Skill-points (100.000)

R2SRO | Improvements

• Fortress war enabled (Hotan and Jangan only)
• Fortress War Time : Wednesday and Sunday 20:00 GMT+2 - Server time
• Working Guild/Union Icons
• Jewel Box event
• CTF enabled (reward TOKENS)
• Elixirs, Potions, and much more can be stacked to a higher amount
• Botting : Light Botting allowed
• Unique spawn time decrease to 30min~1 Hour
• Free TOKENS can be obtained from xcution uniques, Survival Arena, CTF
• You can teleport to Jangan Cave from Jangan teleporter
• 10th degree Astral/Immortal stones can be dropped from all uniques
• 9 new zerk quests with more powerful beserker
• Survival Arena : Disabled (For Now)
• Xcution - Shop, which selling item mall items for TOKENS (you can find shop in Hotan and Jangan)
• +11/+9/+7 Normal Items in NPC until 9 degree
• Some of european skills have longer delay (due balance)
• Grab pets with 5 inventory pages

R2SRO | Disabled Features

• Coin System = NO
• Battle Arena = Removed
• Bandit Fortress = Removed
• Magic Pop = Removed
Removed Job penalty
Removed Guild penalty
• Forgotten World = Disabled

R2SRO | SRO Events

Facebook : http://facebook.com/r2silkroad (Like Facebook Page and earn 250 cookies)
Twitter : http://twitter.com/costamixe (Follow Twitter Account and earn 250 cookies)
Youtube : Xcution PlayDeff - YouTube (Subscribe YT Channel and earn 250 cookies)
Rebekka Forum : Rebekka - Index (Create Forum account and earn 500 cookies)
Note : After all actions are done you have to contact someone from Team.
Addition : Actions need to be checked by Xcution PlayDeff so cookies aren't loaded automatically. Keep in mind!

Xcution | Game Gallery

*Under Update

R2SRO | The Credits

• Chernobyl = Releasing vSRO Files
• pushedx = Pk2-Tools, Edx-Loader, Certification
• Hardy = Vehalla Edited - vSRO Files
• Thera = Hr Lines

Xcution | The Trailer
Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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