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Paradise-Network - [Artemis] # Cap90 # Oldschool Server # D9 # FTW

Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you our newest project called Artemis.
Artemis is designed to be an Oldschool-Server avoiding Stuff such as Fellow Pets.

General Information

Website: Paradise Network
Forum: Board
Download: Paradise Network
Release date: 28.09.2012 16:00 (GMT+1)

Server Specifications
Level Cap: 90
Item Cap: 9Degree
EXP/SP: x20
Droprate: x10
Goldrate: x10
Alchemy: x1

Server Features
Disabled Adv. Elixirs
Disabled Magicpop
Disabled Forgotten World(including Envys)
Chinese & European
Only Hotan Fortress
Changed Maxstacks
Skills showing Max at Level 90
Old Skillbar(Little visual problems)
Big Item-Mall including about 40 Dresses
Working Guild Icons
Various donation methods(Paypal, Paymentwall)
Titan Uniques removed
IP Limit of 3 Characters
.. and a lot more!

Starter Items:

The first 300 players will also receive a free Holy Knight Dress.

Capture the Flag: Daily, every 2 hours
Fortress War: Sunday, 16:00 (GMT+1)

Why starting here?
Might you already heard about our other Server 'Paradise' which is Online since more then 1 year already. We are not interested in keeping this Server just for 2 weeks. Everyone inside our team has already been a staff member on various successfull servers and knows what he does. We can offer support in many languages for example English, German, Romanian, Russian, French and many more!
You can also already find Members for your Guild or Party at our Forum.

Join now and help us to make Artemis a Unique Gaming Experience.

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