ft WeedSRO ~ Cap 110 ~ 500k Free silk ~ High Rate ~ 11D ~ FGW 4X ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

WeedSRO ~ Cap 110 ~ 500k Free silk ~ High Rate ~ 11D ~ FGW 4X

WeedSRO[500k Free silk][High Rate] 11D 110 Cap[FGW 4X]

Server Info
Level cap : 110
Item cap : 11D
Slot : 750
Start free silk : 500K

Rates ==>

-EXP Rate : 200x
-SP Rate : 200x
-Drop ratio : 200x
-Alchemy rates : 2x
-FGW Talisman drop rate : 4x
-SOX RATE : 4x
-Magic pop rates : 4x
reduced uniques delay time to 20-30 minute
so uniques spawn faster.

iam sorry for my bad - unorganized thread .. but this my best :S
Server is not beta this is the official launch
No any wipes,roll-backs,server down.
all weapons , armors can be found at npc sun +7 D1~D9

*Website :WeedSRO Private Silkroad

*Registration :WeedSRO Private Silkroad
*Client :
*Media :

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virus detected in Launcher and GFX File Manger

there is no sro_client , So i replaced the media pk2 in another client everything is 0000000

Download The media from the link above

1. The Links are fucking Ass Slow , 2. Download the client from the Website fucking Needs a Premium Shit @ SpeedyShare , youre fucking kidding me/us? .... -.-

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is the game fail? why it closed plz any replay ..thx

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