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Silkroad Private Servers

CrystalSro|80cap|Old School Server|FTW|New Quests|

CrystalSro 80cap

Rates and Server Features

EXP & SP Rate: 70x
PARTY EXP Rate: 75x
DROP Rate: 55x
GOLD Rate: 35x
SOX Rate: 1%
Cap :80
Skill cap:300
Only jangan fortress


Home page:Crystal Silkroad - The best of the best!
Download links
Download media.pk2 (Files.fm upload):Download

Download media.pk2 (MultiUpload): Download

Start items

Npc new + system

*+ Npc items:
+ 1DG +7
+ 2DG +6
+ 3DG +5
+ 4DG +4
+ 5DG +3
+ 6DG +2
+ 7DG +1
+ 8DG +0

New npc and system

Reverse 5m
Dragon Flag 10m
Gold pig scroll 20m
(No free silk)

New map system

New quest npc

New quest npc and new quest items

Quest Features

CrystalSro VIP Quest V : Black Crystal (Gold Coin Quest) (78Lv - 80Lv)

Quest : Kill Niya General Or Niya Royal Guard and pick Black Crystal.
Quest Item : 250 pieces Black Crystal
Quest Monster : Niya General, Niya Royal Guard
Quest NPC : Crystal Quest of Hotan
Quest Form : Unlimited repeats
Quest Reward : 10 Gold Coin

Roc montain new mob system

New town Coming Soon

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