ft GoldenRoad-Troy-130Cap-Insane-D14-Sun+7FB-Free Silk ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

GoldenRoad-Troy-130Cap-Insane-D14-Sun+7FB-Free Silk

Register Page :

Full Client http://www.multiupload.nl/FD3AOY55QD
Full Client http://files.fm/u/mfkfoug
Full Client (torrent) http://www.mediafire.com/?4u9ljer7hlxfp04

Server Info

Vsro Files 1.88

Cap: 130

Wep : D14 (With power d14 not only looks )

Skills:120 ( 125 skills Under Construction )

Fortress War :Work (Look poll)

Battle Arena : Work (Collect Troy Coin )

Flag : Work

Alchemy Rate :3x

Magic Pop : Disabled

Auto pot : Work

Server Features
Troy Coin Gain Killing uniques & Battle Arena
Elixirs, Potions, Stones can be stacked 100unite
New Glows
New Avatars Work
New Pets Work
New Titles Name
D14 Work with New Power
Added Adv C(+3)
Added Lucky Powder D14
Added Luck & Steady Stone D14
Added Immortal & Astral Stone D14
Job & Guild penalties Disabled
D14 Wep Jangan Black s Free
D14 Set Jangan Pro Free

Start Char
Level :130
Skill : 10mil
Gold :500mil
Silk :10k (Refresh every week)
[Note] 100% of Silk items for normal Silk..
Devil S in ITEM MALL

The difference


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If you got crash at opening server just change graphic options in launcher

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nao consegui entra no silk Parace que estaem inspençao ou atualizaçao por que ?

Meu silk aparece isso aki ''The server is undergoing inspection or updates.connect ''
http://www.troysro.net for more information ' ? ?? ? ?

New mmorpg : Legend of silkroad OBT start!!

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