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QualitySro - Cap 110 - Tw-Sro files - FTW - Start Items

Hello Prvsro how you all doing  ?

I am pleased to announce on opening of a new server called " Quality-Sro "

Small things to note before I show you why Quality-Sro is the server for you

Our Staff :

Dev - Chernobyl , Ahmed tota , Nefetis . ( Big Thanks to Synx ! )

Admin - Hawk

1) Quality is a combination of high rate and hard server , the exp rate are 200x so you can level up easy to 110 but the Alchemy rate are 1x and the Sox rate are 2x so you wont be able to rest at that point

2) Quality-Sro dont have " free silk " , " Starting Skill point " or any of that things ( Except from Start items ) , we believe the player how to get all on his own to feel satisfied .

3) The server is new so everyone has his own opportunity to rule the server
Now that you got some point of view on our server lets show you why Quality-Sro is the right way to go
Exp & Sp - 200x

Gold - 10x

Drop - 5x

Sox drop - 2x

CTF , FGW , FW - All working just fine

Magic pop - Cancel

A Little pictures

Start Items

New intro

New global system - link items

New town ( Credit to Synx ) + working fellow pet

New guild system

Normal pet pickup system


Some notes for Conclusion

* Right now you cant donate and get silk for 1 reason - we want everyone to have the same opportunity to be the first 110 , we dont want people with Premuim and stuff like that in the start  ( you can still get avatars / clocks / d.s from events )

* Our staff is very Serious i promiss he wont let you go

* Our official site is now under construction, meanwhile unfortunately you have to get along with site registration only

* Our staff is working on the Arabia update as we speak .

* Constantinople Fw will be added to our server in a few days .

Register ( please dont download the link from ther he is not update )


Have a nice day from Quality-Sro team

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