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You can find here best pvp server that have start items and free silk.

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You can find your best pve server that have free silk and start items that help you to be best player .

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You can find here the best servers that based in job like thief,hunters and trader (Real enjoy).


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Mercenaries-Sro l Pvp Cap 130 l New Systems l Play2Win l D14 | Coin System | Free Silk | Daily Events | Stone Npc | Arabia Uniques | Custom Glow | CTF | Battle Arena | Lost Unique Event

Hello everyone, I'd like to let you know that our server : Mercenaries Sro.
is just launched we are inviting you to join our server as there are alot of fun.

Mercenaries Sro Information
Exp : 0x
Party : 0x

Alchemy: 3x
Drop Coin : High..
Berserk : 5x

Golden Sro | D11 | New Area | Cap 110 | Mid Rates | Special Features | Mid Rates | Start Area | PVP Killing Notice | Egy System | Lottery Stone | Prison Area | Ip Limit | Anti Cheat System

Welcome To Golden Sro

Server Features :
 Info                    Value  
Level cap              110
Slots                    1000
EXP                      x95
SP                        x50
GOLD                   x35
ITEM DROP          x40
DDoS Protected    Yes
CTF                      Yes
Capture the flag    Yes
Permission to use bot    Allowed.

Tyria Online | Cap 95 | Balanced | Job Based | Free Silk | Custom Job Arena | Special Trade Route | Battle Zone | Custom Starter Zone | Four Crystals Event | Black Market


Level Cap
Skill cap
Gear cap
10th Degree
Mastery Level
[CH]300 & [EU]190
EXP/SP Ratio
Party EXP/SP Ratio
Drop Ratio
Gold Ratio
Job Ratio
Alchemy Ratio
IP Limit
Union Limit
9 & 10 Degree Items
80% reduced
Fortress war
Capture the Flag
Forgotten World
Honor Buffs
Battle Arena
Adv Elixirs

Chux Sro | Cap 120 | Mid Rates | 13D | Vote4Silk | Job Temple | Jupiter Temple | Bot Allowed | New Avatars | Alchemy Stones Npc | New Fellow Pets | Mirror Dimension

Chux Sro Online private server
Server features
•Level cap: 120
•EU mastery cap: 240
•CH mastery cap: 360
•Jupiter temple working
•Mirror dimension working
•Job temple working
•New fellow pets
•Hotan Jangan and Bandit fortress FW working
•Advanced elixirs +5 at item mall
•Vote for silk
•Many new avatars
•Botting allowed

Thera | Cap 110 | Free Silk/Hour | New Systems | 11D | Ip Limit | Mid Rates | Egy System | Magic Pop | Arabia Uniques | Survival Arena | Coin System

Welcome to Thera(s) | Play 2 Win | dedicated project.
We are glad to introduce a new Silkroad Online private-server project on PrvSro.
Thera is re-build to be without corruption and without paying for playing.
We hope that players see us as an last hope of pSRO.

NaviSro | Cap 110 | High Rates | Free Silk/Hour | Old Job System | New Custom Unique | CTF | FTW | Daily Events | High Rates | New Speed | New Effects | Honor Rank | Death Roc | New Pets | New Avatars

Hello everyone, I'd like to let you know that our PVE server : NaviSro.
is just launched we are inviting you to join our server as there are alot of fun.

Damnation II | Cap 125 | Balanced Systems | Free Silk/Hour | Play2Win | High Rates | Auto Equipment | Job System | Alchemy Notice | Wanted System | Special Beginner System | Upgrade System | Lottery System

Brace yourselves, Damnation part II is coming

Many of you know about Damnation,
We've kept you waiting for quite a long time to build a server again . However, we are finally able to proudly present you...
Damnation by a great team with people who collected experience in several other projects before and do not mean to disappoint you.
Now, it is time to show you the gathered experience, the flawless gaming and the undefeated combination of ideas!
Be prepared for our trial of becoming the perfect server for everyone .

Who we are
Damnation Gaming Network is a network which tries so hard to create new legacy of mmorpg game play system .In fact , The legacy won't be changed without someone who force it to change ..We , The team of Damnation Gaming Network CO. transforming the road of play in Silkroad Online to a new management of trustful , hopeful predictions

Feather-SRO | Cap 110 | Old School Rates | Job System | Daily Events | Specialty Trader | Job Temple | Academy System | Honor Shop | Free Silk/Hour | Custom Quests | Battle Arena

Feather-Network Team is releasing a new Silkroad server which is made to be the most balanced server in all ways. Our project is based on Cap 110 like we saw many people are looking for something good, balanced and with small changes on the game play and without interference of other unusual coin system or donations. We will release this server for all those who are pleased to play this game as it should be in his original mode. We were forced to make these small changes in order to balance the game play.

Prime Online | Cap 80 | Low Rates | Custom Features | OldSchool Server | Vote4Silk | Battle Arena | D8 | Chinese Only | Ip Limit | Start Items | Unique Coins | Coin System

The team here at Prime Online strive for balance and fun for our players. We want to encourage players to focus on all of our features and that is how we have designed our server. Our main goal is to create a community of players, a place where interaction takes place in game and in the forums and gallery. We want you to have as much fun as possible, and not worry about all the common problems we see around this community.