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Silkroad Private Servers

Golden Sro | D11 | New Area | Cap 110 | Mid Rates | Special Features | Mid Rates | Start Area | PVP Killing Notice | Egy System | Lottery Stone | Prison Area | Ip Limit | Anti Cheat System

Welcome To Golden Sro

Server Features :
 Info                    Value  
Level cap              110
Slots                    1000
EXP                      x95
SP                        x50
GOLD                   x35
ITEM DROP          x40
DDoS Protected    Yes
CTF                      Yes
Capture the flag    Yes
Permission to use bot    Allowed.

* Start Area [ mobs lvl 40 ]
Just when you create a new char you will get special items
with our uniform with ' Golden Beginner ' Title name
* Auto Notice For PVP Killing * Auto Plus Notice [ from +8 ]
 * How To Get D11 Set Egy B
Notice : you can get the Egy A [ by the default way ]
Collect LC and GC from Survival arena to get
the D11 set Egy B [ RARE ]

* Unique Quests 
  * New Pets

  * Exchange Removed from actions list 
* Many Avatars At NPC
 Max Level Reward System

Just if you reached to the max level [ which is lv 110 ] You will get nice rewards which are :

* ' Golden Assassin ' yellow title name
* 35 LC -- which with LC you can get Set Egy B from the the trader
which at Jangan

Check the Screenshot :

* Lottery Stone
Just we developed a new scroll which you can win by it an item from 5 chosen items [ by luck ] ^_^
How to use :
Just left click on it
then you will be Teleported
and then you will be rewarded an item from the 5 chosen items
Check the Screenshot :

* Prison Area
Welcome to the land beyond Hell.
Our lovely Prison awaits you. It has a unique which called ' The Hell '
You have to kill him to gain gold, elixirs and normal drops. This is made for strong active players, that love party raiding.

* Auto PVP Event
By killing many people who above level 110
to get points to get special title name

* Job Kills system
By killing trader , hunter or thief you will get points

* IP Limit
Just Max Accounts for each ip are 2

* Anti Cheat System

Max points for killing job system are only 8 per day
and only 1 account per ip which will get reward while
killing .

* Anti Cheat System [ For Tradings ]
We developed a new anti cheat system for Skalidor as every other trial to stop "Contribution Cheating" failed.
We will not tell you how it actually works because we do not want you guys to try around until you find a way to work around it.
If you get caught you will be flagged as cheater in our database and you will not get any contribution or coins for 24hours at least.

All in all we have to say that it is impossible to catch every single cheater though.
There are cheaters who would look un suspicious to humans as well, and our system is not able to detect such people, because we would ban too many un guilty persons otherwise.
Our system only bans people if it is certain that they cheat(ed).

However we want you to report job cheaters anyway as every support in this case helps. We want a legit server where players win, not cheaters .
* Stall Limits
We have changed the stall limits to 500Bil gold. This enables you to use gold in an easier way and buy items without getting scammed.

*In game Suggestions / Bug Report
Using the Message system you can send us suggestions anytime. Just send the messages to Char name 'Suggestion' (in game) and we will read it. or simply create a thread at our forum
*Fortress War Killer Counter [ Developing [ 95 % ] ]
For a certain amount of kills you will get secret rewards
You have to try it out, We are not going to tell you what you get, since there will be more enemies and more total kills that you can get. Plus there
will be a ranking on the website to show the best fortress war 'killers'. By that you can improve your guilds/unions fame.
There will also be achievements based on this. So be a good boy and kill
your enemies.

*Trade Rewards [ Developing [99%] [ just choosing the rewards] ]
Just when you make a trade from town to another town with your friends , you will be
automatically rewarded, what ever maybe [ silks, special items or even lottery stone which
when you active the scroll , you will get a random reward from chosen items with special

* The Stat reset & skill reset

These scrolls work similarly which will be added at the 23th of jan update. You get teleported and done. No disconnects or anything.
The char name change scroll is a bit different. You use it, get disconnected. At the login window you see a char name change window, using that you can change your name.

Our equip-able item changes are pretty simple to understand. The damage, reinforce and other components which determine the damage of an individual item have to be re-checked and adjusted in order to fit our balance and our idea
of fairness. We have actually checked each one of those damn 400 3rd gear items in order to improve the game play as much as possible.
There are some more minor item changes which can be seen in this list: 
Resurrection scrolls: disabled
Donators would have been too overpowered during jobbing
Tablets & elements: disabled
Simply annoying and useless
Defense scrolls: disabled
Nobody likes postwar
Purification pills: mbot exploit fixed
Global : Added level restriction and increased price with cool down
Global spamming sucks
Vigor grains: nerved to 15% and added to shops
Devil spirit: disabled
Disabled Magic POP
 Events :
• Hide & Seek Event :
Which the GM will hide and then if you find him , you will be rewarded
• Unique Event :
By killing Unique and getting exp [ with top 10 killers event ]
• Job War Event :
By wearing the Suit then start killing each others for 10 mints
while getting 1 silk every kill
• Kill The GM Event :
By killing the GM and getting reward for killing
with automatically your character name will be written
as a notice

To Do List :

Lottery Stones --- > useless in D11 server
Wanted System --- > we are developing it right now

Notice : this server is not pay2win --- > just selling silks
we are waiting you

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