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You can find here best pvp server that have start items and free silk.

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You can find your best pve server that have free silk and start items that help you to be best player .

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You can find here the best servers that based in job like thief,hunters and trader (Real enjoy).


You can find here the guides and builds to make your character the best in the server and another Guides.

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Radiant Online | D14 | Cap 130 | New System | New Skills | Awaken System | Auto Plus Notice | Arabia Update | Coin System | Free Silk/Hour | New Avatars | Thief Avatars | Special Npc | New Quests | New Titles | New Areas | New Uniques | Custom Edits

Hello ,
I'd like to announce our server - Radiant Online  (Pve Cap 140)

ZSZC-Zone | Cap 105 | Chinese Only | Low Rates | Ip Limit | Balanced System | Free Silk | OldSchool Server | Custom Edits | Old Glows | Protected Server | Old Job System | Old Design | Anti Ddos System | Old Title System

Let me read your mind, you think it's going to be another boring announcement of a dead server. Meanwhile you wander from server to server, not being able to find your place.

Pinnacle | Cap 100 | D10 | Balanced System | Low Rates | Ftw | New Dungeons | Custom Npc | New Mobs | Snake Room | New Glows | Coin System | FGW | Original Titles | New Knowledge Skills | SRO-R Skills | Sarin Tribe | New Quests | Custom Edits

Short introduction:
We are a small team which consists of 2 developers and an investor, our main purpose is to achieve the true gaming experience. Through our extensive experience in SRO.

Overlimit | Cap 130 | D13 | Job Based | Advanced Systems | New Random Areas | OverLimit-Sro Reloaded | Special Grab Pets | Custom Npcs | Automatic Titles System | Free Silk/Hour | New Systems | Awesome Features | Professional Team | Achievement System | Lottery Scrolls | Auto Equipement | Crystal System | Coin System | Academy Buffs | Surprise System

Put your hands up so hard! The time has come for the most enjoyable server OverLimit ever created. If you really want to play an unstoppable game, you won't find it anywhere. But, you'll do right here!

Asterius Online | D11 | Zero Edits | Job Based | Long Term | Ip Limit | Battle Arena | Free Silk | Mid Rates | Anti Bot System | Max Plus | Coin System | Ctf | Play2Win | Anti Cheat Protection | 5 Pages Pet | Holy Water Temple | Custom Edits | Balanced System

Hello,Welcome to our advertising thread on Prvsro.
I think most of people were searching for a server with zero edits which brings u back to old silkroad memories,So do we.

Avior Silkroad | Neptune | Cap 110 | D11 | Mid Rates | Protected Server | FTW | Ctf | Max Plus | Job Max Level | New Pets | Ip Limit | Lucky Scroll | FGW | Coin System | Special Glows | Arabia Update | Custom Edits


Neptune is an upcoming Silkroad private server brought to you by our team at Avior gaming.