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Silkroad Private Servers

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Put your hands up so hard! The time has come for the most enjoyable server OverLimit ever created. If you really want to play an unstoppable game, you won't find it anywhere. But, you'll do right here!
 No need to talk about the past. In the first time, I was going to talk honestly about the past. But, just noticed an old famous sentence who says the 'past is in the past'. Exactly, right beside the great achievements that we've already done so as to keep our experience wide and vast always. We've created a server who had left in the past a MARK that no one will ever forget, launching a server with that big fame is a real challenge for anyone to do. But, we've attached our cords first. We've innovated and upgraded from a server who deserve everything. Lemme with no excuses, present humbly our server OverLimit. I don't want to talk much as I got some TRUE word for everyone. We all with no exception like and respect a server like this, all kind of solidarity are needed to let this server alive the more as possible as we can. We've rebalanced the alchemy rates, fixed some problems about this last. We've set approximately a plus limit that will let the server alchemy more active. There won't be any kind of corruption, like other servers who may bore you cuz some people who had +40++ items which won't let the server to be stable A direct sentence was told to many ones, the more you guys support us, the more we'll be alive and on. We never intend to shut this true perfect server cuz some small problems. We want to be better than those servers who had survived more than 3 and 4 years. With all kind of solidarity and simplicity, we'll humbly be able to survive and to let this alive as possible as WE ALL can. Let's add more paragraph. Let's talk from now on about the server. OverLimit is rich to be introduced to anyone. But with our small touches in the first step of it, we've improved it to be at the best stage we'll try to reach. Before anything, OverLimit after some touches becomes now one of the most ever servers released during the whole private silkroad scene with such a great and strong-heavily based JOB system. We'll make that system a freakin' active like hell, let's know thieves that there will be millions of trades. There will be millions of caravans and convoys all around the servers, thieves will try to come over the trade and take down its members. Stealing such a precious trade will provide him to sell only one GOOD by 50M gold. Trading will be much more longer and harder who will SURELY after all ask for lots of hunters and friends to defend their caravan. The old job system but with the best silkroad side that we ALL want. Not only we care about Job system. But, we've taken much more care about the PvE game play career. As I said the server is planned to live the much possible, the long-term possible so that we've extended our PvE server purpose. There will be a full hard career for everyone to do it in order to earn the glory and the fame once you become strong and strong. But, we've taken care that there won't be no kind of problems. We've also created the INNOVATION IDEAL systems that will keep the server active and populated. We'll keep updating the server too much to make it available with everyone to feel the joy and the happiness and the connection between each other. Our goal is not to let down any one of our dear players, we care and we'll care. Your suggestions, your reports about any inconvenience will be looked forward into from time to time. We really hope that we present you a good service. I cannot add more talks, just I proudly present you OverLimit! The old logo was 'WE'VE NO LIMITS! WE'RE OVER LIMITS!' and will be always be the same logo. Let's begin by a overview about the server then zoom and focus about everything. Our way of milestone started now by the first step. The more your support us, the more we'll be able to reach more steps. Let's begin.
Release/Beta Info:
Before anything, I just want to let you know that we're going to hold the server offline for [2] days starting by today 6/8 ~ 8/8 in order to be sure that everyone has downloaded our server client. So as to keep the server balanced and well improved, we've decided to consecrate another [2] days starting by 8/8 ~ 10/8 for a special server beta phase which will let everyone to test the game and to let everyone report the bugs inside the games plus suggesting any ideas at their own brains which will be all of them located at the forum. Actually, that would be enough very clear. At the fifth day, the server is going to be released and will opened to accept connections from everyone in the whole world and from every and each side of the entire world. Let's expand the beta phase and what gonna happen during this period, we'll give freely to everyone a total amount of [10,000] silks during this phase in order to test everything and to test the server gameplay. After the beta phase, everything will be wiped out without the accounts. So, don't try to think about leaving something for future purpose. But, we'll give the download links from now on until 8/8, two days in order to give a chance for everyone to be able to download his own client. No one is asked to play or test in Beta if he doesn't like. If you wanted to test, then you can. If you didn't want, then you also can. Aswell, the last day will be 10/8 will be the official release. ¿Me entendiste? Si si.

Before we even talk about anything. I shall always mention someone whose intention was to create a renewable innovation, a good guy who has accomplished many great achievements during his presence. I cannot ignore him once, he was such a professional developer who has created lots of things inside Overlimit. We'll really miss you. Cap.

Caipi. Missed you as hell, my bro. He was the one who made the Online System & Auto-Equipment for the first time ever. No need to say many more about his glory achievements, the good guys doesn't show their bright usually.

Server Team
[GM]Overlimit | 22 | Male | English | Arabic | Server Owner | Forum Owner | Server Developer | All the CMD's are available.

[GM]Nolimits | 21 | Male | English | French | Spanish | Server Administrator | Forum Administrator | All the CMD's are available.

[GA]'s and Supporters | No CMD's are available.

General Server Information
 Information   Value
Server Root        Hyper Filter Protection.
Core                      i7.Windows    8 64-bit Operating System.
GB RAM                  32,0.
Server Internet Connection Map      1024 MB, 1 GB.
Server Capacity                   1000 Slots.
Server Traffic Stat               Crowded.
Server Files                          vSRO Files.
Server Version                    1.388.
Server Purpose             PvE/PvP/TRD/FW/FGW.
Server Cap                      130.
Server Degree                13D.
Server Race                 European & Chinese.
Skill Mastery Cap           130.
Skill EU Mastery Cap      260.
Skill CH Mastery Cap      390.
Solo Experience Rate       350x.
Solo SP Experience Rate      350x.
Party Experience Rate          400x.
Party SP Experience Rate      400x.
Berzerk Rate                              5x.
Drop Rat e                                 120x.
GoldDrop Rate                           30x.
SOX Rate                                Custom.
Job Rate                                 Custom.
Alchemy Rate                           3x.
 Magic POP                              
Magic POP Rate                         3x.
Stall & Consignment                 
Forgotten World (Togui Village)     
Forgotten World (Flame Mountain)
Forgotten World (Shipwreck)          
Forgotten World Rate    3x.
Hotan Fortress                
Jangan Fortress              
Bandit Fortress               
Constantinople Fortress
Capture the Flag             
Battle Arena Random (Flag/Score)
Battle Arena Party (Flag/Score)     
Battle Arena Guild (Flag/Score)     
Battle Arena Job (Flag/Score)        
Guild Limit    32x.
Union Limit    3x.
Union Chat Limit    30x.
Starting Career - Customized Startup
» Instant level 60 (after the accomplishment of the starting quest).
» [50,000] of Skill Points.
» [5,000,000] of gold.
» A full 2-page inventory available.
» Fugly Dress (Male or Female depends on your character gender).
» Ghost Monkey Summon Scroll.
» [3] pieces of Start Global chatting scrolls.
» [3] pieces of Start Reverse return scrolls.
» [1] piece of Hunter Scroll.
» [1] piece of Thief Scroll.
» [1] piece of Trader Scroll.
» [5] pieces of Fire bull Scroll.
» [20] pieces of Berserker Regeneration potions.
» Beginner title 'Overlimit Player'
» You get amount of new titles stored at your character

Advanced Systems
Auto Equipment System
A wonderful system, no more shits. Let's take a break for awhile until we really give Caipi a big thanks because he was the first one to create and introduce it in OverLimit. Actually, this system depends on the degree levels.
Lemme explain it a less than a second, this system provides you a full package from your entire game play career beginning by D7 and ending by D12. You'll be able to get those equipment to help you plvling during your game play, you'll gain up to level 112 a full SoX equipment at specific levels of each Degree. You'll easy get SoX (SoSun) equipment +(5,6) FB. So lemme recommend you whenever you reach one of those levels, please teleport or relog <=> then you'll have the new degree equipment. Any suggestions about improving this system, how'ever, are always welcome.
Lv. [57] -> D7 Sun Plus 6 (100% Status/Full Blue).
Lv. [69] -> D8 Sun Plus 6 (100% Status/Full Blue).
Lv. [81] -> D9 Sun Plus 6 (100% Status/Full Blue).
Lv. [92] -> D10 Sun Plus 6 (100% Status/Full Blue).
Lv. [101] -> D11 Nova Plus 6 (100% Status/Full Blue).
Lv. [112] -> D12 Nova Plus 5 (100% Status/Full Blue).


 Online System
An old-fashion system that has been introduced in many servers whose role is to keep the server balanced and fair between the donators and the non-donators players. Well, I've no doubts that everyone know very well how that system works and his first concept role is to grant you an amount of silks by hour by staying online during the server gameplay time. In our humble server, we've [2] silk per [60] minutes during the normal days. Otherwise, we've [2] silk per [30] minutes in the weekends only (Friday,Saturday), you'll be able to get your OVP (silk) at your account item mall.
NOTE: You'll be able to get silks per hour starting by lvl. [130] & stay 24 Hour at the game & Level 5 or more at Job System & 1B or more Gold at your inventory & Stay more then 24 hour at game & 20 Kills or more at job coins system only ( this system to not make who open alot of characters to get free silk per hour , it will be for who active at game only ) BUT IT MAY GET CHANGE ANYTIME.

 Automatic Titles
Well, nothing new. Our automatic title system is one of the oldest systems that has been already applied to many servers. In here, too, we must leave for it a special place. In a word, we have 8 kinda of Automatic titles in our server.
 » MoneyMaker# (depends on your amount of gold).

» AlchemyKing# (depends on your number of plus).

» Player of the day# (depends on the luck: A random player will be chosen).

» Player of the week# (depends on the luck: A random player will be chosen).

» Player of the month# (depends on the luck: A random player will be chosen).

» Trader#1 (depends job ranking in game).

» Hunter#1 (depends job ranking in game).

» Thief#1 (depends job ranking in game).

 Messaging System
An easy and simple system that lets you to know your stored titles of your character. Lemme clarify this in order to know how, you must by doing the following instructions: First, you must send a message to [System], write in it exactly: "RequestTitleOverview". After it, you will get a message with the titles you have in your character with their codes. So then, if you wanted to switch between titles, you must send a message to [System], write in it: "RequestTitle(titlecode)". A small system that helps you to look flashy in front everyone in-game with all of your titles already achieved and gained.
 >> You'll be able to know your stored character titles by using this command.

>> Your stored character titles.

>> If you want to change your title.

>> If you succeed in getting your desired title.

>> If you fail in getting your desired title.

>> The title that you've chosen.

 Support System
Any suggestion or addition to be added in this system, feel free to suggest us more in. I know that some people might have awesome ideas out of the blue in game while playing, and most of them won't bother visiting the forum, so I decided to give you an option so send us suggestions or ideas of future improvements for the game by using the Mail system in game (U -> Community -> MSG Box).
A very useful system was also the first time introduced in OverLimit. Please state your concern after the ":", you'll receive a confirmation mail after sending it correctly - also you'll be rewarded if we'll implement either suggestions or fix bugs you've sent us. Well, to be honest, pictures will explain much more better than I do.

 For Suggestions:

For Bug reports:

For complaints(About us or other players):

 Crystal System
Bueno system, splendid. Well, lemme take it direct. Crystal (1) & Crystal (2) are two rare uniques who spawns every while and while lives in their own homes and fields. Those uniques are considered a source of happiness and joy to everyone since they give crystal elixirs and a big amount of gold.
 OverLimit Coins System
Simply, eh bien? Sunshade. With all kind of simplicity, this present DIRECTLY the Arena Coins but we've just made our own currency. Our humble system provides a perfect economic vision, first. There exists LOTS of ways to earn Overlimit Coins with, as you may see below in the first picture at the spoiler. THose ways are much more different to open such great opportunities for everyone to earn those coins. Well, in the first place, Battle Arena? Cm'on, guys? Cannot we go to play Battle Arena again, let's earn much more OverLimit Coins from it. And ofcourse all the BIG uniques of the server, King of OverLimit in the first of all. Yes, ofcourse, we won't ignore those Jupiter dungeons uniques plus the BeakYung The White Viper (Medusa) unique. Finally, Capture the Flag (CTF) event which let you to earn in addition more OverLimit coins? But, ye, ye you're goin' to ask right now. What do I with those useless coins? Oh, wait. You can get the best parts, ofcourse, D13 Sun parts of your set. I won't tell ya the prices. You can easy take a look on the pictures below in da spoiler to have a idea forward the prices of the parts. Tatolatinos!

 Job Coins System (JC)
Since I told you from the beginning that our server is heavily-job based. During the job mode, you'll be able to get [1] Job coin (JC) per kill at every where at overlimit maps. In addition,Job Temple Map you get [2] Job Coin (JC) per kill ,In addition, Job Temple uniques like Selket (Job) and Neith (Job) will drop (JC) scroll whose role is to grant you an amount of JC between random 2~6 plus this scroll is one hundred percent (~100%) droppable. Otherwise, Job Temple uniques like Anubis (Job) and Isis (Job) will drop (JC) scroll whose role is to grant you an amount of JC between 6~12 by luck, plus this scroll is one hundred percent (~100%) droppable. At the best of all cases, Job Temple uniques like Haroeris (Job) and Seth (Job) will drop (JC) scroll which will grant you an amount of (JC) between 15~30 by luck, plus this scroll is like always one hundred percent (~100%) droppable. Well, let's know now what is the function of those Job coins? Well, In the first place, Job coins are intended to be used for the purchase of D13 Sun Set which will provides you the best sets you can ever get in your whole gameplay career. Collecting them will give you the possibility to complete your set one by one. This will make the server from time to time active in the jobbing case and will recreate a real silkroad situation which will reinforce our server gameplay. Our intention is to create a smooth and soft gameplay who will make you always busy while jobbing. The high starts trades will be also from now on hard to accomplish and to achieve since we'll create an innovative ambiance of a real job system that we all always wanted to try out.
Jobkill Restrictions: You won't receive kills when you either have the same IP as your opponent, or if your character lvl is under [ 124 ] and your who you are killing as well. If the system will be abused somehow I'll add more restrictions to it to keep the game fair.
Maximum 200 JC usually per 24 hours
At the maximum 5 JC per 24 hours from the same opponent
If you didn't kill an opponent in the past 24 hours you'll gain 1 JC, no mater if you reached already 200 JC in the past 24 hours


 Academy Buffs
As you've seen at the topic already, we've replaced the academy stuff with pure jobbing rankings. But same as you had a chance on getting a buff for academy activity you'll be able to receive buffs for jobbing activity. Means in general, the ranking is based on player kills. Those buffs grant you some special stats which will let you much more stronger than anyone else in the server. We often reset those rankings from time to time, actually, every update. So, chase the opportunity to be one of the best players in the server. No need to explain much more about this system. There are Gold/Silver buffs and the King buff, etc. So, try out this at server better letting you hours and hours reading all of this. I really apologize if someone who is very punctual who is reading the topic word by word. But, I didn't want to make it very long so it will become unreadable even for those guys whose one of their hobbies is to read. Let's see.

 Trading System
So, I've made them successive so it may be clear for all. Our job system contains in general the new Trading System of ours plus the Job coins system which is connected to the Academy buffs rankings. In addition those three systems are often connected like a twisting rope, aswell, this part was made for the Trading System. Oh yeah? Our Trading System is based on the normal SilkRoad routes, we didn't make such over editing features like special routes. But, we've kept the old ones and we didn't change any tax rate. So, simply, let's talk honestly? The old job system ofcourse which I really like is somehow ignore something called *HUNTER*. Let's find a work and job for hunters, was our first intention. Traders as well, same as thieves are considered a normal average between all of them all. But, the Hunters didn't take his chance same as thieves. Traders did have a lil bit overpowered opportunity granted by our job system. But, no. Let's make it fair to everyone. The old trading system didn't not ask too much about the hunters, but now it will. Any [1]-star or [2]-star traders are normally accepted as a way of safe trading. If you tried to try the danger case, ofcourse by choosing a trade made of [3]-star, [4]-star or [5]-star trades. Those trades are considered to our humble system DANGER ones, so that we didn't simplify our trading system. A simple idea would shake the balances. There will be auto-notices about those stars trades. But, we won't tell where the caravan is. We're presenting somehow a help to the thieves around the whole server. You'll be to sell [1] good's by [50,000,000]'s gold. Oh, that would let the thieves more active and our trading system in hyperactive and our job system in general. Since I told you from the beginning that our server is heavily-job based. Beside, lemme give you my advice or my recommendation to you so that you take care if you're trader/hunter. Since thieves would be able to know that the caravan of [3]-star or [4]-star or even [5]-star and if you really want to be rich, you must invite for example all of your friends in a party. Consider a party with 8/8 members. At least, 3 or 4 of them should have their own trade and 4 or 5 members must be all of hunters. Since the server announce clearly about this, there must be challenge. But we won't take your peaceful RIGHTS, traders. We won't ever locate in which town you're. You'll be considered as a anonymous trade between all of our towns, here's all
Now once you done a 5 star trade with Item mall pets ( you will get 3 JC / 1 SILK )
Now if you thief and got a 5 star trade from trader with Item mall pets ( you will get 5 JC / 2 SILK / 750m gold )

 >>Thiefs Extra gold :

 Ban System
Eh? What is that? Such a powerful system that gives ban to anyone who violated the rules. Oh, oh. Lemme tell you the story from the beginning. Once upon time, there was no ban System but a stupid /ban command whose role only is to DISCONNECT the player from the game only. Since we've improved many systems, we've took apart of improving this too. Our first step was to delete the useless /ban command, lel. Simply, after it, we've set strict RULES and LAWS that everyone should respect. Any kind of violation caused by anyone would get his punishment. We've put the rules plus the punishment they should have. This system is very strong and very vigorous, for example, advertising any other server would give you a Ban forever punishment. So, be careful that if someone violated the rules, he'll get banned from the server for a long duration. The more you violated, the longer your ban time gonna be. Well, that's all. I don't really want to show some screenshots about this system because it lets you be a good innocent good man who won't think about violating the rules. Take care, ye, I'm not jokin'. If it ever tracked someone, it will ban him automatically. That's all for now on, just try to see more and more inside the server.

 D13 Upgrading System
Yes, a good system, already known by most of our players. After your first career step, once you reach lv. [121]. You'll be granted Full SoX D12 Equipment so that to help you collecting on by one your D13 parts. Simply, you'll be able to get those items by OverLimit Coins/Job Coins/OverLimit Points/many more but this time, no. Getting a D13 weapon will be from this view able to get from the Holy Water Temple, you can simply find the teleport dimensional gate located at Alexandria which will send you with your party match to collect D13 NOVA weapons. So, no need to explain about this anymore, I guess everyone know every thing about this. But, it demanded for a D13 Sun WEAPON, 15 pieces of nova's in the old OVL. Since we're asking about a REAL long-term server, we're going to increase this alil bit to balance the economy and to fix the normal ambiance situation of prices and tradeable items between each other. Creating a trading atmosphere around all of us too is taking a big part of this system. Clearly, in this OVL, you'll need 20 pieces. Yes, ye. No rage, 5 pieces more won't kill you. Let's take more challenge, let's kill more uniques and let's get and earn more items and more gold. In this case, since you'll need 20 pieces. The system will ask for each 5 pieces [1] D13 Moon weapon, very well. So, [4] pieces of D13 Moon weapons are asked to get D13 SUN WEAPON no more no less. Algunos imagens van a explicar mucho sobre este, Let's SUN

ALSO NOW you can get 1 Moon Degree 13 weapon 100% drop from : BeakYung The White Viper!

 Lottery Scrolls System
I won't say only that OVL used to have this system, long time ago. But, I just want to notice at the beginning that many people get confused with this system and with the Lottery system. It got no USUAL connection with the lottery system we'll have. Those poor single and simple scrolls whose role is to give you different amount of JC/OVP(Silk)/Gold, etc. are located in the item mall or usually droppable from the Job Uniques temple. No way to think about *pay2win* server, every shit from the item mall is totally earnable from any WAY than donating. So, you don't have any proofs to prove those words wrong, bueno? Well, won't to make it too longer, pick up the cuadros better.

 Jupiter System
Not going to talk about this system. Oh, yeah, Jupiter & Degree 12 updates were good ones, no shits. But, this vision of new Jupiter system is asking alot of effort to do. A grand demand to please, to be honest. But, in our humble server, we really DO improve this last. First of all, let's make a small list of uniques and their drops. This last has been improved according to a sage and good gameplay inside the server, let's look.
And, second of all, going to mention our strong mobs and their own drops. Also, few pictures won't hurt beside those fast info's. Let's see, too.
» The Earth -> OverLimit Coins+Holy Bible Elixirs.
» Jupiter -> OverLimit Coins+Holy Bible Elixirs.
» Yuno -> OverLimit Coins+Holy Bible Elixirs.
» Zielkiaxe -> OverLimit Coins+Holy Bible Elixirs+Crystal Elixirs.
» Babilion -> OverLimit Coins+Holy Bible Elixirs+Crystal Elixirs.
» Baal -> OverLimit Coins+Holy Bible Elixirs+Crystal Elixirs.
» King of OverLimit -> OverLimit Coins+Holy Bibles Elixirs+Crystal Elixirs+Sun Accessories DG 13.
» Mobs lv. [111~120] -> Lv. [112], [115], [120] (A, B, C) Items+Tablets DG 12.
» Mobs lv. [121] -> Lv. [121], [125] (A, B) Items+Tablets DG 13.


 Mustafa Dungeon
Well, since we mark our simple touches on many things in the game. We've also changed that Mustafa mob and dungeon to King of OverLimit Defender. Well, of course, its dungeon are able to access into only [10] times per day. Our humble unique drops in the first place and ESPECIALLY Diablo's Spirit magic stone (Extra damage on unique monsters)+Diablo's Spirit magic stone (Extra Blocking Rate)+Sabakun's jewel+Hero's jewel. Can we show one only picture in addition?

 Item mall
No system, there. Totally normal like anyone else. But, we just wanted to do that in the sake of two goal's. The first one is simply to give you a small show about the items we offer in there but that isn't the interesting goal. Our IMPORTANT intention was to show the fair and balanced prices that we had. No way to prove any thing of this around wrong.

 OverLimit Surprise System (OSS)
A simple system which is humbly presented by a simple NPC located at Alexandria North which will give you the possibility to take quests in order to earn various titles. I told you the whole system, directly, in one sentence. But, we would like to hear from your more suggestions about this system especially because we ALL would like to expand something very useful like this. You're always welcome. Nothing more better than some images which will simplify everything.

 Play2Win System
No more need to buy your own stuffs by donating, oh, and cheap prices/expensive prices, etc. You'll be able from now on play on your own, collect gold by MANY ways. Once having sufficient amount of gold to buy anything from the OverLimit Online NPC which will grant you some called *ITEM MALL* items to be sold with ONLY gold. You won't get any more problems about this, no need to be prison-ed with a donating currency. It's all over, anyways, it was very old system by the way fitted in OverLimit. But, I always wanted to mention the NEW and the OLD. Let's take a part of our lifetime to watch some small screenshots that will clarify this vision, to be fair.

 Plus Rates / Notices
we made best plus rates for everyone

*-Plus Rates : This Rates without Premium , Lucky Avatar , Lucky Scroll Lucky Powders Rates :

Lucky Magic Powders Rates :

Normal Elixirs ( Class A ) Rates :

Intensifing Elixirs ( Class B ) Rates :

Holy Bible Elixirs ( Class C ) Rates :

Crystal Elixirs ( Class D ) Rates :

Lucky Powders + Normal Elixirs ( Class A ) Rates :

Lucky Magic Powders + Normal Elixirs ( Class A ) Rates :

Lucky Powders + Intensifing Elixirs ( Class B ) Rates :

Lucky Magic Powders + Intensifing Elixirs ( Class B ) Rates :

Lucky Powders + Holy Bible Elixirs ( Class C ) Rates :

Lucky Magic Powders + Holy Bible Elixirs ( Class C ) Rates :

Lucky Powders + Crystal Elixirs ( Class D ) Rates :

Lucky Magic Powders + Crystal Elixirs ( Class D ) Rates :

 *-Plus Notices ( it will start from plus 8 and more only )

 Automatic Events System
Automatic events? Nothing new, in my opinion. But we've added a list containing a few of systems who make constantly during the server gameplay time EVENTS. Oh, monthly ones? Yes. Weekly ones? Yep. Daily ones? Yup. Hourly ones? YEAH! I'll freakin' JOIN! Well, I'm tired of writing. Here're very near from the last part of the topic. Lemme show you some pics, later.
  • Automatic Unique Event
  • Automatic Q/A Event
  • Automatic Kill The GM Event
  • Automatic Lucky Number Event
  • Automatic Lottery ( Silk & Jc ) Event
  • Automatic Job War Event 
NOTE: More info soon once we activate the system and info about every and each event. (NOT YET ACTIVATED).

[*]Overlimit Official Times
we have set a times for everything at our game and it may fit our players times , lets check them.
Job Ranking Timer :Every day 00:00:00 ~ 00:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 01:00:00 ~ 01:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 02:00:00 ~ 02:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 03:00:00 ~ 03:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 04:00:00 ~ 04:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 05:00:00 ~ 05:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 06:00:00 ~ 06:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 07:00:00 ~ 07:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 08:00:00 ~ 08:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 09:00:00 ~ 09:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 10:00:00 ~ 10:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 11:00:00 ~ 11:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 12:00:00 ~ 12:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 13:00:00 ~ 13:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 14:00:00 ~ 14:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 15:00:00 ~ 15:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 16:00:00 ~ 16:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 17:00:00 ~ 17:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 18:00:00 ~ 18:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 19:00:00 ~ 19:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 20:00:00 ~ 20:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 21:00:00 ~ 21:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 22:00:00 ~ 22:01:00(1 minute)
Every day 23:00:00 ~ 23:01:00(1 minute)

Special Selling Goods Timer :Every day 13:30:00 ~ 14:30:00(60 minutes)
Every day 16:30:00 ~ 17:30:00(60 minutes)
Every day 19:30:00 ~ 20:30:00(60 minutes)
Every day 22:30:00 ~ 23:30:00(60 minutes)

Chins Tomb Timer :
Every day 10:59:12 ~ 11:09:12(10 minutes)
Every day 13:59:12 ~ 14:09:12(10 minutes)

Fortress War Timer :Fortress Time Register (2 times per week ):
Every week at Friday 07:00:00 ~ 23:59:59(1019 minutes).
Every week at Saturday 00:00:00 ~ 17:59:591079 minutes).
Fortress Time Start (1 time per week):
Every week at Saturday 19:30:00 ~ 21:30:00( 120 minutes).
Fortress Time Tax Start (1 time per week):
Every week at Sunday 00:00:00 ~ 23:59:59(1439 minutes).

Job Temple Timer :Selkis and Neith Open Gate Time :
Every day 11:00:00 ~ 13:00:00(120 minutes)
Every day 16:00:00 ~ 18:00:00(120 minutes)
Anubis and Isis Open Gate Time :
Every day 13:00:00 ~ 15:00:00(120 minutes)
Every day 19:00:00 ~ 21:00:00(120 minutes)
Haroeris and Seth Open Gate Time :
Every day 15:00:00 ~ 17:00:00(120 minutes)
Every day 20:00:00 ~ 22:00:00(120 minutes)

Titan and Hight Titan Uniques Spawn Timer :Every day 15:00:00 ~ 17:00:00(120 minutes)
Every day 20:00:00 ~ 22:00:00(120 minutes)

Capture of flag Timer : Register Times :
Every day 00:50:05 ~ 01:00:05(10 minutes)
Every day 02:50:05 ~ 03:00:05(10 minutes)
Every day 04:50:05 ~ 05:00:05(10 minutes)
Every day 06:50:05 ~ 07:00:05(10 minutes)
Every day 08:50:05 ~ 09:00:05(10 minutes)
Every day 10:50:05 ~ 11:00:05(10 minutes)
Every day 12:50:05 ~ 13:00:05(10 minutes)
Every day 14:50:05 ~ 15:00:05(10 minutes)
Every day 16:50:05 ~ 17:00:05(10 minutes)
Every day 18:50:05 ~ 19:00:05(10 minutes)
Every day 20:50:05 ~ 21:00:05(10 minutes)
Every day 22:50:05 ~ 23:00:05(10 minutes)
Start Times :
Every day 00:55:05 ~ 01:21:05(26 minutes)
Every day 02:55:05 ~ 03:21:05(26 minutes)
Every day 04:55:05 ~ 05:21:05(26 minutes)
Every day 06:55:05 ~ 07:21:05(26 minutes)
Every day 08:55:05 ~ 09:21:05(26 minutes)
Every day 10:55:05 ~ 11:21:05(26 minutes)
Every day 12:55:05 ~ 13:21:05(26 minutes)
Every day 14:55:05 ~ 15:21:05(26 minutes)
Every day 16:55:05 ~ 17:21:05(26 minutes)
Every day 18:55:05 ~ 19:21:05(26 minutes)
Every day 20:55:05 ~ 21:21:05(26 minutes)
Every day 22:55:05 ~ 23:21:05(26 minutes)

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Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook Page: Link
Facebook Group : Link
Forum: Link

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