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Taxav Online | Cap 135 | D14 | High Rates | Advanced System | Long Term | Beginner Quest | Plvl Rooms | Automatic Equipment | Special Trade System | Job Coin System | Wanted Mode | Hero Mode | Soulless Items | New Title System | Free Silk/Hour | Upgrade System

We gladly announce you the opening of Taxav , a private silkroad server that will really change your daily life! As a team we can comfortably tell you that each of us gave his best to make this server the best silkroad experience you will ever have on your silkroad trip. Providing an extremely fun to play server with features you will never forget. We simply combined some features from other silkroad servers that we have made on a different way and we think is better. Also we have added a lot of features that you will see for the first time on our server, just to offer you the best possible game play!

Havji-Road | Cap 100 | D10 | Job System | Long Term | Custom Features | Custom Quests | Tomb System Machine | Dead Items | New Job Suits | Coin System | Trade Job System | Special NPC | Poison Room | Roc Items

Hello we would like to present you our new Server ''Havji-Road''
our idea is to give you the best game play you ever had, our network is based Trade run's, Job War's , Quest's, CTF and Battle Arena.
 Of-course we provide you a free 2 play ,laggles and balanced server.
Join us if you want to give it a chance !

Izildor-Road | Chinese Only | Cap 90 | D9 | Low Rates | Ip Limit | Free Silk/Hour | Vote4Silk | Facebook System | Hero Mode | Mercenary Scrolls | Daily Events | Suits Of Fame | Custom Edits

Server Information
Level Cap :90
Gear Cap 9th dg.
Skill Cap 90.
Monster Cap 85~100
Server Based files: Vsro v188

EvilSro Online | Cap 110 | New Avatars | New Uniques | Coin System | Custom Npcs | Daily Events | High Rates | Power Items | New Titles

Server Information
-Level Cap: 110
-Skill Cap: 110
-Mastery Level: 330 Chinese / Euro 220
-New Uniques
-New Avatars

Assassin`s Creed Sro Middle | Cap 125 | New Skills | Free Silk | High Rates | High Alchemy Rate | Title Events | Daily Events | New Uniques | New Avatars | Custom Npc | New Glows | Stones Npc | Special Items | Coin System

I'd like to introduce our server - Assassin`s Creed Sro Middle Online
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice game play with alot of fun and amazing features.

Avengers Online | Pvp D16 l New Arabia Uniques l All New Towns | Instant Lvl 140 | New Towns | New Uniques | Custom Yellow Titles | Cons Ftw | Custom Job Suits | Npc Room | FGW | Battle Arena | Stones Npc | Custom Edits | God Bless Scroll

PVP SERVER New SRO system with 140 cap ,16 Degree item , New Skill system ,Our server will give you a new unique SRO experience that you've never had before, due to our brand new unique system

LightSROFun | Pvp Cap 120 | Coin System | Free 1M Silk | Instant Lvl 120 | D14 Pvp Server | Daily Events | Custom Npc | New Avatars | New Premuim | CTF | Stones Npc | Special Shop | New Arabia Uniques

Hello ,
I'd like to announce our server - LightSROFun (Pvp Cap 120)
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice game play with alot of fun and amazing features.

Revolution Sro | Cap 110 | Pvp D11 Server | Free Silk | Coin System | Battle Arena | Daily Events | Nova In Npc | New Avatars | Special Npc Shop | Stones Npc | New Pets | New Uniques

I'd like to introduce our server - Revolution-SRO Online
we are here to offer our community fresh and nice game play with alot of fun and amazing features.