ft Havji-Road | Cap 100 | D10 | Job System | Long Term | Custom Features | Custom Quests | Tomb System Machine | Dead Items | New Job Suits | Coin System | Trade Job System | Special NPC | Poison Room | Roc Items ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Havji-Road | Cap 100 | D10 | Job System | Long Term | Custom Features | Custom Quests | Tomb System Machine | Dead Items | New Job Suits | Coin System | Trade Job System | Special NPC | Poison Room | Roc Items

Hello we would like to present you our new Server ''Havji-Road''
our idea is to give you the best game play you ever had, our network is based Trade run's, Job War's , Quest's, CTF and Battle Arena.
 Of-course we provide you a free 2 play ,laggles and balanced server.
Join us if you want to give it a chance !

Information           | Amount
Race                     | EU & CH
System                 | we enabled job trade system - battle arena system
Cap                      | 100
Forgotten World | Disabled
Honor Buff           | Enabled
Official Coins      | Arena Coin & CTF Coins
Host Location     | France
Open date           | 17-08-2014
Items Bassed     | On downhang black smith
Server files         | vsro v188
Lag,bugs            | vsro v188
Warrior buffs      | Disabled
Cleric Black rebirth | Disabled
Website Protection | Yes
Anti Exploit               | Yes
DDOS Protection    | Yes
Fortresses                | Hotan every Thursday - Sunday at 7:00 GMT+2
Towns                        | Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Samarkand, Constantinople,
Rates                        | Medium
Maximun plus           | 13 out advanced
IP Limit                     | 3
CTF                          | Enabled
Battle arena             | Enabled

In game Features
Start Items

Start items          | Amount
Devil 5% F & M  | 7Days
Premium 5%      | 30 day
10 Speeds         | 100%
Gold                    | 10 Millions
Silk                      | 10000k Silk FREE
Skill                      | 10000000SP FREE

Max Stack

Stack                          | Amount
CTF Coins                 | 100000
Arena Coins              | 1000
HP Recovery Grain  | 1000
MP Recovery Grain  | 1000
Purification Pill          | 50
Vigor Recovery Grain | 1000

you can earn coins by this place

any single unique drop arena coin & CTF

Another place to gain ctf coin only.

Custom Quest(s) You'll teleport from here

Quests ( Available 1 Time in day )

Slayer Unique Ranking Quest

Free tittle names NPC

Havji(s) Flag 5 Str 5 Int

Tomb System Machine

Dead Items

Job Suits

How To Get elixir(s)?
there(s) 2 ways to get elixirs
Kind | Amount
gain arena coins and buy from NPC(?) | Yes

gain Elixirs from unique drops?             | Yes
go mbot at mobs and gain coins?          | No

Custom Avatars
For Coins& CTF

For Free

Roc items For CTF & Coins

Sun Item(s)

Trade Job System
well. lets explain much.
you will go trade from any town to another you will rewarded with gold (?)
what i do with gold well let the picture explain.

so you will have to earn money from uniques & trade and buy ctf & arena coin from npc with gold look at that list

Kind | Amount
Hunter earn every trade 5* star | 8 billion
Trader earn every trade 5* star | 11 billion
Thief earn every trade 5* star | 7 billion

Special Item mall & Good(s) NPC
you can gain a cool item from here, for CTF & Coins

from now, yup you can spwan any NPC at any moment you want. just for coins

God bless can get for coins & CTF.

Updated 20/08/2014 :-
-Changed Price of Arena Coin from 2B To 800 Million.
-Changed Price CTF Coins From 2b To 500 Million
-now you can't make trade from Constantinople to Samarkand
or from Samrkand to Constantinople reason? read :-
-To make it easy for theifs to find a trade.
- Added Drop Arena Coin & CTF at normal uniques

- Added Scroll Bronze * Silver Honor Buff at Unique - Roc - Angry / Fire - Cold
Update [2014-09-02]
we've added Seal Of Havji
Please read the full notice
-Added Job coin 1 cost 2 billion(s)
-Added drop arena coin in roc unique
-Added havji seal.
How i can get seal of havji ?
it s cost 500 million and 100 Job Coin and 400 arena coins
How i can get job coin?
at npc for 2 billions . earn gold.

we'll make a vote for that system.

Homepage: Link
Download: - Link
Register - Link
Facebook page: Link
Facebook Group : Link

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