ft Server Revival - Cap 90 / Without Unfair Chars Anymore / Chineses / Euro ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Server Revival - Cap 90 / Without Unfair Chars Anymore / Chineses / Euro

5 May update:

Time is going by, 80s are now over, this is the end of the cold war, the end of Tchernobyl, the end of the RDA. Make room for the 90s, this is the golden age of Hip-Hop, Electro etc... France won the soccer world cup, Dolly the sheep was cloned, Playstation has born, This is the height of the opium. Kurt Cobain died but Backto90s has born. Well things changed...

Cheating or unfair players won't play anymore on it. The server was cleaned from all injustice.

Site: Index

- Complete download link backto90: Free - Envoyez vos documents or DL on the server's site.

- Download link + Cracked Mbot: Deposit Files or http://www.upngo.fr/www/?a=d&i=M6NoM5pgxO

- Media.pk2 / Small package: http://depositfiles.com/files/55kdjn4i5 or http://www.upngo.fr/www/?a=d&i=0aasRV5dDa

Server Information:
Capacity: 500
Cap: 90
Skill Cap: 90
Mastery: 300
Gear Cap: 9D
Drop Cap: 9D
Race: Chineses / Euro
Exp: 60x
Item Drop: 30x
Gold Drop: 20x
Extreme SOX drop rate til 8D
Alchemy: 1x
Job: 200x
Silk Items: working

Capture The Flag: Working (Every Hour)
Fortress War: Working (Wednesday + Saturday)
FGW: Working
Specials Uniques: Daily Spawn

- Register Time: 24H
- Fortress Time:
Wednesday 8 PM GMT+1
Saturday 8PM GMT+1

- Event Cave
- Event Monsters dropping mall items
- Premium, Devil Spirit, Tickets, Magic Pop disabled
- Honor Rank deactivated
- Advanced Elixier deactivated
- Job/Guild Penalty removed
- Elixirs stackable to 10,000
- Pots/Pills stackable to 1000
- Arrows stackable to 10,000
- 8D Tablets drop at monsters up to 76+ at Taklamakan
- Roc Mountain (gap will stay 80)
- Tiger Girl, Uruchi, Isyu, Yarkan, Demon Shaitan.
- Sereness Epic (Sun drops 10% rate increase)
- Sun drops from Demon Shaitan Epic. (Sun drops 10% rate increase)
- 1B Gold box to prevent scam
- Stall Network Working
- Samarkand PVP area
- Ultima weapons 8D for chineses only
- Dimension Holes as a rewards in CTF
- Dimension Hole rate will be increased
- New launcher

What about the 5 May update?

- Lvl 90 unlocked
- Euro chars added
- Euro maps added, Constantinople, Samarkan (pvp area instead Downhang)
- Euro stuff added
- 1D-7D = Sos/Som/Sun Drops extreme
- 8D = Sos extreme
- Extreme sox rates are only for weapons
- No 9D Ultima weapons, No Ultima for Euro chars
- Sun+12 are now worthless
- Bug fixed
- New lvl up system (will be harder level by level)
- New GM promoted
- Daily pvp, hide and seek, CTF, job, uniques events
- Fun is arround the corner, spread the breaking-news, spread the fun

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