ft Barons Online | Cap 100 | Free Silk | Balanced Server | Change Name Scroll | New Title Quests | New Areas | New Npc | Barons Special Shop | Max Plus ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Barons Online | Cap 100 | Free Silk | Balanced Server | Change Name Scroll | New Title Quests | New Areas | New Npc | Barons Special Shop | Max Plus

Hello all and welcome to our server (Barons Online)
And we should let you all know that this is the same old server with the old database and all accounts , But with extra new features and whole new system.
It depends on the Job System and the Forgotten World.
And here is a full description for our new server.

  • Level Cap: 100 (10D)
  • Race: CH & EU
  • Experience: 80x
  • Skill Experience: 80x
  • Party Experience: 120x
  • Drop: 35x
  • Job Rate: 50x
  • Alchemy rate: 1x
  • Bot Allowed.
  • IP Limit : 3 Accounts online per IP adress.

-SRO-R Skills for Chinese Chars
-Adv elixir removed
-Devil S removed
-Barons Special Shop
-Max Plus (+13)
-Free Silk Coin Drop From Uniques
-Magic pop disabled
-Only Jangan Fortress war enabled
-Removed Guild/Job penalty
-Special tittle quests NPC (Hotan town)

First of all , you all know that we had a two Grade for 10 Degree items , ''Grade (A) & Grade(B)''
So each grade of them will have a different way to claim than the other one :
-Grade(A) :

You will need a gold coins to get it , And you will buy it from this NPC in Jangan town

and gold coin will be able to be collected from the B4 inside ''Qin-Shi Tomb''
that's for the SOM items.

-For the SUN items will be drop able inside a New Area called ''Prison Zone'' (tell you more about it later  )


Using this NPC to buy it (also inside Jangan town)

Using Silver Coins To buy Grade(B) items
- Silver coins could be collected by killing ''Thieves & Hunters NPCs''
(appears to you while doing a trade or stealing one)
that's for the D10 Grade(B) Armor
-And for the Weapons :
you can get Grade(B) weapons by the Forgotten World quest ''Green Abyss Collection''

(same for EU chars )
-For accessory sun D10 items you can buy it from the ''Arena Item Manager'' placed in Hotan town (for both CH & EU chars).

- Avatars


-New special items:
-Change name special scroll
-Honor buffs scrolls
-Magic lucky powder

A special NPC where you can buy special items (Avatars - Dimensional holes - Silk items) with Free Silk (dropping from unique monsters).

-Prison zone:
A new area that a new monster spawns in it dropping Avatar (changes every 1 month)

-Survival area:

A new area that Mighty roc bone spawns in it 

(both areas teleport in Jangan town)

-Styria clash:

A new area for guild war events (teleport from Hotan town)

-Tittle quests NPC:

-Change name special scroll (takes effect after restarting your char)


-Fortress war:
-Registration: 24/7 

-Fortress time: Every Thursday 8:00 PM (GMT+2)
-Fortress tax period: Whole Mondays

-Capture the flag event: Every 2 hours

  • [GM]WinSxS
  • [GM]Paranoid
  • [GM]SmileyGirl
  • [GM]Perignon

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