ft RomeSRO | Old School Server | Cap 80 | Free Silk | New System | Awesome Features | Chinese Only | Low Rates | Coin System | Arena Shop | Magic Pop Disabled | Offline Stall Network | Daily Events ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

RomeSRO | Old School Server | Cap 80 | Free Silk | New System | Awesome Features | Chinese Only | Low Rates | Coin System | Arena Shop | Magic Pop Disabled | Offline Stall Network | Daily Events

Server Information
Cap: 80
Race: Chinese only
Auto Equip SUN+ 5 from D2 ~ D7
- Experience rate: x10
- Skill point rate: x10
- Gold drop rate x10
- Items D8 drop rate x10
- Stones/elixirs drops increased
- SoX drops disabled.
- job rate x20
- Alchemy Rate x0.8
- Battle Arena
- Forgotten World
- Capture The Flag
- Free Silk 2 RomeSilk per hour on game.
Starter pack
- 1000HP xLarge
- 1000MP xLarge
- 1 rabbit
- 10 Typhoon
- 10 reverse scroll
- 10 Global chatting
- 20 special return scrolls
- 200k Skill Point
Item Stacks
- Stock of HP/MP = 1000
- Universal Pill = 1000
- Stock of Arrows = 1000
- Stock of Elixirs = 1000
- Stock of Stones = 1000
- Purification Pills = 50
Custom system added
- Rome (GoldCoin/CopperCoin) rewards based on job experience point
- Honor buff based on weekly job contribution Ranking
- Seal Of Rome Basic added for Rome GoldCoins (equal to Seal of Moon) later we will add the Seal of Rome advanced,SUN!
- Arena shop : we added stones,elixirs and forgotten world key [71-80] to arena shop For (gamegold/copperCoins).
- Flame Moutain quest rewards modified:
When you complete the Flame mountain quest go to the Hunter assossiate in Hotan and he will give you a Devil Spirit Grade S.
Server Features
- No level restriction for teleport
- Academy System Disabled
- Magic Pop Disabled
- 3 mins CoolDown for Reverses
- Ressurrection Scrolls Disabled
- Lightning Walk Speed on lvl 80 is 105%
- Snow shield up to 10% only for STR build.
- Useless Drop removed Pills/Pots/Arrow
- Advanced Elixirs are disabled
- Purification Pills bug fixed
- Removed Vigor grains(25%) from the NPC.
- Removed Job/guild penalty.
- Mercenaries Disabled.
- Weekly Roc Spawn by GM!
- Working Guild Icons
- Offline Stall Network
- Donate Enabled
- Ip Limit 3
Fortress war
- Fortress enabled: Jangan at the beginning.. Later Hotan and bandit
- Fortress war on Sunday from 5PM ~ 7PM GMT+2
Weekly Events
Triangle Job Ranking
Schedule : Ranking is refreshed every Sunday at 2pm server time
Rewards :
- a title for the Top 3 Traders + Job ranking added the the Job alias
- a title for the Top 3 Hunters + Job ranking added the the Job alias
- a title for the Top 3 Thieves + Job ranking added the the Job alias
A server restart is needed to refresh the ranking in game. A notice will be sent in game once the ranking refreshed and the server ready to be restarted.

Fortress War
Schedule : Every Sunday from 5pm to 7pm server time
Rewards :
- The fortress for the Winning Guild
- Fortress Owner for the Guild Master owning the Fortress
- Free silk items for all the guildmates and unionmates

STR-INT-HYBRID Championship
Schedule : Every Wednesday 10pm server time
Rewards :
- a title for the STR Champion
- a title for the INT Champion
- a title for the Hybrid Champion
Last Update.
New Avatars Added :
- Angel Wings Dress
- Devil Wings Dress
Special Halloween Avatars :
- Vampire Dress
- Wizard & Witch Dress
We added new special items drops from Uniques:
For the Uniques Tiger Girl - Cerberus - Ivy - Uruchi - Isyutatru - Lord Yarkan:
- Global chatting
- 20% damage increase scroll
- 20% damage absorption scroll
- reverse scroll
- instant return scroll
- Lizard transport pet
- 2000+ HP Potion
- 2000+ MP Potion
- Rome gold coins
- Rome Silver coins
For all the "Titan" Uniques:
- D8 Astral
- D8 Immortal
For Demon Shaitan:
- 30 Slots Storage expansion
- Pandora Box
- Character change skin
- Pet Cold Skill
- Pet Fire Skill
- Pet Lightning Skill
- Advanced Gender switch
- D8 Astral
- D8 Immortal
- Rome gold coins
- Rome Silver coins

We started from a clean database and did all the Features, bugs fix.
Server files: vSRO 1.188

Download | Rome SRO

Registration | Rome SRO

The Official Facebook Page

Best Regards,

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