ft Addicted Network(Wicked) l D12 l Cap 125 l FGW l New Quest's l Start Item Quest | Vote4Silk | New Grab Pets | Job Rank | Special Glows | Holy Water Temple | Automatic Title's ~ Private Sro

Silkroad Private Servers

Addicted Network(Wicked) l D12 l Cap 125 l FGW l New Quest's l Start Item Quest | Vote4Silk | New Grab Pets | Job Rank | Special Glows | Holy Water Temple | Automatic Title's

Hello sro community,

Today, it’s our pleasure to introduce you into the magic world of The Addicted Network !
The Addicted Network is a cooperation of a few skilled admins where each has his own experience from the past. We bundled our powers and founded The Addicted Network to be the place to be !

Saturday 21 December 2013
we will open our first WICKED private server.

Fast Guide Before u start (Important)
Q1-EXP RATE is low !
No its not since u can get lvl 125 in 4 days ! its not low. its normal
First player got lvl 125 in 2 days without premium.
Q2-GOLD Rate is low how i can start
its true gold is too late.. ( but if u made a lil trade u will gain much)
Q3-How i can get Coins (its to hard need much time )
u can get Coins from many ways. the hardest one from npc ( for botters)
1- u can get Pepsi coins from Quests (there is 8 quests giving to much Pepsi coins )
2-u can also get Weed & Hash from Job temple Uniques
3-u can get them from npc ! (the hardest way ) and it wont be easy. will stay hard for botters
Q4-How i can get the best weapon?
From FGW (FLAME Mountain) ofc u must be 7/7 pt to be able to attack their

OUR SYSTEM is hard for botters easy for active ppl
so the people will compliant .. they will be ofc the botters and no one care's

Server Information:

► Server Files : vSRO Files.
► Server Capacity : 1000 Slots
► Server Cap : 125
► Server Degree : 12
► Skill Mastery Cap : 125
► Server Race : European & Chinese.
► EXP/SP Rating : 150x
► Gold drop ratio : 40x
► SOX drop ratio : 5x
► Alchemy : 3x
► Magic pop ratio : 10x
► Academy : Disabled
Starter Area & Items:
►You will automatically teleport to our new start area
►You will receive your "Start Items" after you finish our Quest
►Kill 20 Addicted Beast (in the EASY EXP Area)
►Deliver your Quest and take your Reward's
- 1Day 100% EXP/SP Scroll
- 1Day 60% EXP/SP Scroll
- 20units of 100% Speed Scrolls
- Lifetime Jaguar Scroll (5 Inventory pages)
- 10 Reverse Return Scrolls
- 10 Instant Return Scrolls
- Inventory Expansion
- 500 HP Recovery Potion (X-Large)
- 500 MP Recovery Potion (X-Large)
- 1 million Gold
- 1.5 million Skill Points

Server Features:
► Vote 4 Silk (Protected Against Cheat's )
► Fortress : Jangan (AT the first only, others added later)
► Forgotten World : Enabled & Customized
► CTF : Enabled
► Battle Arena: Enabled
► Botting: Allowed => EXCEPT ON EVENTS & Fortress War & The Special Rooms
► Item Mall: Fully working
► Guild/Union Emblem: Working
► New Grab Pets
► New Fellows and Attack Pets
► Unique Killer Ranking: (via our website)
► Job Rank : Best Jobber #1 Rank system (Via Website)
► Guild Start level (5)

Website Features:
Our website is made to cover multiple private servers. It also allows you to manage all your accounts, even manage your different chars on a specific account. You can trade gold and silk between char’s etc. You can have 5 server logins on 1 website account and share your silk, points and gold between them. (each server login can have 4 chars in game)
View player ranks and equipment like rev6-style. Buy special items from the web shop and off course read all hottest news about The Addicted Network.

►Register : Your email address should be valid because you will get an Account Verification‏ code.
►Shop : there is some special items tou can get from that shop which are not even in our item mail (buy with Points ). You can earn these Points from Vote4Silk (You can also use them in item mall to buy silk items)
►Player Rankings + Gear overview detail
►Fortress war owner
►#1 Jobber (The name is actually kind of "over-the-top". It works pretty easy: You become the best jobber overall. Reason: Everyone loves fame, the more you can get, the better it is.)


► Special Glows
The +colors are edited till +17
more pictures will be added soon in this topic
► Unique Spawn Areas
We have added hundreds of spawn points for the uniques. We would like unique hunting to actually be different, to actually be more exhausting for the player himself, to actually be more entertaining and especially, they drop the valuable coins for the special items and scrolls.

 ► Guild Start level (Idea from Skalidor)
This would usually not be classified as a feature, however, not many people want things like that. So I'll explain it a bit.
Once you open a guild you usually need some SP to level it up and so on. What we are doing is, allowing you to skip those boring guild level ups which are useless anyway and thus, you will be allowed to directly have level 5 guilds.
► Holy Water Temple
The Holy Water Temple has been edited and every monster & unique has more power then before. (The uniques drops Pepsi Coins, the normal mobs drops Arena Coins. Both can be used to get special items.)
► Job Cave
The Job Cave has been edited and every monster & unique has more power then before. (The uniques drops Pepsi Coins, the normal mobs drops Arena Coins. Both can be used to get special items.)
► Donwhang Cave
Also every monster inside this cave is powered up. We increased their levels and added Arena Coins to the drops.

 ► Titan Unique's
Titan unique's (Reedited and powered up to lvl 120)
They appear on their normal spot's

 ► Special Forgotten World system
The ShipWreck dungeon (lvl 91 - 125) has been powered up with powerful mobs which gives 10x more xp then normal. They also drop Arena Coins to collect for the special items. (=XP Cave)
The Flame Mountain dungeon (lvl 110 - 125) has been powered up with powerful mobs which are hard to attack and recommended for team play (for 3 - 4 stars) This dungeon is meant to collect the talismans which drops from the boss at the end of the game. When you have a full collection book, you can exchange them with the quest at the Hotan Hunter manager and receive a very very powerful weapon.
More info about our special FGW system will be added asap with screen's
► Automatic Title's

 ► Special Quest's
We have created our own quests to make the server always active
There are 3 new quests for now.
1-Hunt 15 Scorpion (INT)
This Quest for INT chars
Reward :
1 - 25 Weed Coins (you can get special item's with them)
2 - Special Title scroll ( Black Scorpion )
2-Hunt 15 Scorpion (STR)
This Quest for STR chars
Reward :
1 - 25 Weed Coins (you can get special item's with them)
2 - Special Title scroll ( Black Scorpion )
3-Hunt 5 Addicted Beast (ROC)
Reward :
1-50 Weed Coins
4-Hunt 15 Karkadann
1-25 Weed Coins
5-Hunt 15 Kholood
1-25 Weed Coins
6-Kill 800 Keisas Berserker(Job Temple Mobs)
1-25 weed coins
7-Kill 800 Priest Of Terror(Job Temple Mobs)
-25 Weed Coins

 ► Addicted Unique's
We added alot kind of uniques to keep the gameplay always fun.
We have also reedited every unique view to make it look sexy <3
and also we didnt forget the (STR) build's 50% from the unique's only (STR) Chars can give them dmg and the other 50% Normal

 ► Area's with special uniques
Special rooms are created with customized uniques.
► Global Black Scorpion Unqiue
There is 2 kinds of this unique
STR and INT this is the most powerfull unique on our server
and also have a good special drop's check by your self :P

 ► Addicted NPC's
Here you can find a place to buy gold or skill points, special scrolls, exchange coins, buy elements or tabs, special pets, and much much more...

 ► Item Mall

► Skills

 ► Special Addicted Gear !
There is many ways to get the coins to collect the most powerfull Gear
All 5 kinds of Coins are needed for this collection. There are :
- Hash Coins => to buy clothes
- Weed Coins => to buy clothes
- Cola Coins => to buy accessories
- Pepsi Coins => to buy scrolls or special items and to exchange them for Weed & Hash Coins
- Arena Coins => to exchange them with coins here above

 ► Addicted Coins's how u can get them !
As I said before, there are many ways.
Arena coins : Drop from many mobs ( Job cave - DW cave - Mirror Area - Jupiter temple - Holy Water Temple - Shin Tomb - alll Forgotten worlds )
Pepsi Coins : Drop from every Unique + CTF (so-ok event)
Cola Coins : From NPC exchange 5 Arena Coins for 1 Cola coins
Weed Coins : From NPC exchange 25 Pepsi coins for 1 Weed coin , from job Temple uniques & from Quest's
Hash Coins : From NPC exchange 5 weed Coins for 1 Hash , From Job Temple & from Quest's

 The Addicted Network Team
SilverStarke :: Manager / General Admin / Web Master / Game Developper
Pure3vil :: Manager / Head Game Developper / Design Admin
Addicted:: Manager / Design Admin

Some of our GM's to keep the gameplay nice and friendly, and organize cool daily events

Last update's
-trade rates are lower
-item rate a bit higher
-gold drop bit higher
-reverse return in item mall
-Uniques increased their EXP
-The mummy and protector give more xp now
 - Added 4 New Quest on Addicted special Quest
more info about those Quest will be on fb and thread
-Revers Scrolls Trade able
-Max stack for some items (Higher) now
-Added d10 MOON weapons on Hotan Black Smith
-Bloody Lord&Demon Spawns point fixed
-Addicted Beast (Roc) HP increased
1-Increased Arena Coins drop rate
2-Increased Talisman Drop rate
3-Added New 2 Quest (Reward Pepsi Coins)
4-Added EXP+SP reward on all Quests
5-Temple Job Monsters EXP increased
6-downhang Cave monsters exp increased
7-Pepsi Coins drop rate increased
Website: Welcome to the Addicted Network
Facebook:FB Page
Forum:Community Forum
Release Date: Saterday 21 december 2013

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